Decision Coming Soon?

Head coach Brad Childress is still without a defensive coordinator and, with the annual college scouting Combine less than two weeks away, the team is getting under the gun to get a deal with someone -- anyone -- before much longer. Whether hiring an outside candidate or promoting from within, expect a decision to come down within the next few days.

The Vikings remain without a defensive coordinator and the clock is beginning to tick on getting a replacement hired. The latest name to surface is Colts defensive backs coach Leslie Frazier, who was scheduled to meet with the team Wednesday. Frazier, who is well-versed in the Cover-2 defense and was part of the Bears' 1985 championship team, is considered a frontrunner for the position.

A couple of college assistants whose names have been floated out as possibilities have denied the Vikings have expressed an interest and followed that up by saying they're happy where they're at and aren't interested in making a move. Whether their career goals are to remain in college coaching or there is a concern that they have a good thing going now and there are no guarantees that they will have a job a couple of years from now if the Vikings continue to struggle as they did in 2006 in the first year under Brad Childress is unknown, but it could be a logical explanation.

In the end, the Vikings may have to go with the plan many on the team thought they would when it was learned that Mike Tomlin was heading to the Steelers – promote from within. Defensive line coach Karl Dunbar and linebackers coach Fred Pagac are both legitimate candidates for the opening and, if the team can't cut a deal with Frazier, one of them is likely to ascend to the position of defensive coordinator.

There is becoming a growing sense of urgency, since the Vikings want (and need) to have their staff settled within the next two weeks. The annual college scouting Combine begins Feb. 22 and the Vikings want to have their staff in place so the new defensive coordinator can get a first-hand look at the defensive players who could be part of the Vikings when the draft rolls around in late April.

While no announcements have yet been made, expect to hear the situation resolved within the next week.

* A Twin Cities columnist has floated out the idea that the Vikings trade the seventh overall pick and "a player or two" to the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald. If only it were that easy. Fitz is still on the upside of what could be a Hall of Fame career. The Vikings traded Randy Moss for the seventh overall pick two years ago, but he was grousing about his role with the team, had a track record of off-field problems and was starting to show the signs of injury. Fitzgerald is still improving (if that's possible) and Arizona would likely ask for two or three first-rounders in return – and would deserve it. Don't buy into believing it's even a possibility.
* Former cup-of-coffee Viking T.J. Cottrell, son of former defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, was signed by the Chargers Wednesday and allocated to NFL Europe.

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