Free Agency, Combine Chat Transcript

For a half hour chat, there were plenty of Vikings insights, scoops, opinions and analysis given by NFL expert Adam Caplan. See who Caplan is convinced the Vikings are going after, who else he expects them to make a run at, and who he doesn't think are good fits for their system. Free agency and combine analysis were rolling.

adamcaplan—Hi everyone.


Proudhorn—Good evening and thanks for doing this.

adamcaplan—No problem.

adamcaplan—We had some good Vikings info from the combine.

vikingspub—Adam's got about a half hour, so let's get it started. .

Tyr—Were there any red flags that emerged during the combine that could alter the landscape of the draft?

adamcaplan—Brady Quinn not working out didn't help him. Same with Dwayne Jarrett, but he will work out fully at his pro day. I still can't believe Calvin Johnson's 40-time. He's a monster.

adamcaplan—I think the Raiders have to look at him at #1.

AnthSolem—There have been some rumors that Brad Childress doesn't believe in drafting a WR in Round 1, are those true?

adamcaplan—ANT: Well I'm told they won't be taking one at #7.

Tyr—That's good to hear, I had nightmares of us drafting Tedd Ginn at 7.

Tyr—Do you think that the Vikings are actually interested in Brady Quinn or are they just trying to create interest in the 7th pick?

adamcaplan—TYR: No on Quinn. They're happy to develop Tarvaris Jackson.

kajjansiblackmamba—That's good to hear.

HireLurts—The Raiders are in dire need of a QB, what do they do to fill that?

adamcaplan—HIRE: JaMarcus Russell or trade down.

HireLurts—Speculation has the Vikings trading the #7 and a player for Matt Shaub. You don't think so?

adamcaplan—HIRE: As I correctly predicted over the weekend in my notes, ATL would place first- and third-round tenders. That way they could trade him.

adamcaplan—They plan to talk to MIN but again, I think Childress sees the upside in Jackson and will stick with him.

Proudhorn—Adam, do you think Clemson DE Gaines Adams is a viable pick for us?

adamcaplan—PR: I think he's on their radar for sure, but I'm not sure he makes it to #7.

Tyr—If Gaines Adams is off the board at 7, who do you think the Vikings will take?

adamcaplan—TYR: Jamal Anderson, Joe Thomas, trade down.

kajjansiblackmamba—Adam, which player(s) in your view helped their cause the most at the combine?

adamcaplan—KAJ: Greg Olsen for sure, he will go in first round for sure.

Blaze326326—Do you see the Vikings taking a DE like Gaines if WR Calvin Johnson is gone by the 7th pick?

adamcaplan—BLA: Good chance, which I think is a 50-50 shot.

HireLurts—Is Daniel Graham as likely as some believe for the Vikes in FA?

adamcaplan—HIRE: I was the first to report that they want him, but they have competition – at least three other teams and all have cap room.

AnthSolem—How about trading down? I personally am hoping for that. Do you see the Vikes trading down in the 1st and grabbing a WR?

adamcaplan—ANT: That might be their best move.

Viking24—Other than Calvin Johnson, are they any other offensive ball handlers worth #7 pick?

kajjansiblackmamba—Adam, assuming the Vikes don't go WR at #7, who do you think would make a good WR for them to take in rounds 2 and/or 3?

adamcaplan—KAJ: Craig Davis-LSU. Good size and run after the catch. Good fit for WCO.

Tyr—Would LaRon Landry or any other defensive backs make sense at 7?

adamcaplan—TYR: A little early for Landry. I only take CBs that early. That said, he's really good.


vikingspub—Adam, since we were both swamped at the Combine, I never had the chance to throw this one at you: Gaines and Johnson are gone, along with the other real top guys. Do you see Adrian Peterson as a possibility in a split role?

adamcaplan—PUB: He should go top-5. As for MIN? Can't see it unless they would trade Taylor.

vikingspub—That's not going to happen.

HireLurts—With DE a glaring need and Gaines and Anderson possibly gone, are there any worthy in round 2?

Blaze326326—If DE Gaines and OT Thomas were both available at the #7 pick, which would be the better pick? Which according to BPA, which according to need?

adamcaplan—BL: Only problem there is Thomas is better at LT than RT and he would only play RT for MIN. RTs aren't usually usually taken that high.

redrhino84—Do you think the Vikings will go for DT Amobi Okoye with the #7 pick to eventually replace Pat Williams?

adamcaplan—RED: No, they're not in position to have guys who won't start. Good upside player but he wouldn't be on the field enough. If the Vikings were a playoff team looking to get young depth, then I could see it.

Tyr—Do you think that either Anthony Gonzalez or Sidney Rice would be good choices for Minnesota in the second?

adamcaplan—TYR: Rice maybe.

HireLurts—LB depth is also a concern, is this draft deep at LB? Can they find depth after round 2?

adamcaplan—HI: They can get some depth in free agency and draft, not a big deal.

AnthSolem—What do you think of Jarrett? I think he's going to make a great steal for someone if his stock keeps dropping.

adamcaplan—Free agency will be where they look. D.J. Hackett, depending on what Seattle tenders him at and Ashley Lelie. Good size, hands, but not great speed. But a good fit for WCO.

Tyr—What's the deal with Jamaal Anderson? Is he a legit prospect or is he living off of his success from this season?

adamcaplan—TYR: You have to be patient with him.

Proudhorn—Adam, did you see/hear much about Texas Tech's WR Joel Filani? I am hoping we snag him in like the 3rd.

HireLurts—What about Donte Stallworth?

adamcaplan—HIRE: They will look at him, but I think Drew Bennett is the other choice for MIN. Better fit. Stalllworth isn't well rounded and injury prone. Eagles will not likely re-sign him I'm told.

Blaze326326—What's your opinion of QB Brady Quinn – would it be good to use our first-rounder on him as a possible backup. On the other hand, can the Viking afford to pass on talent like Quinn?

adamcaplan—BL: NFL people tell me he's a system QB and there's a lot of downside.

Tyr—Anderson scares me. He could be good, but I just wonder if he has the speed to be an effective edge rusher.

adamcaplan—TYR: He needs to be more consistent.

lightn24—What OL help do you see them going after?

adamcaplan—LI: In free agency, I see them signing a free agent guard to challenge Artis Hicks. They have no choice really. He wasn't very good last season.

HireLurts—Will Troy Williamson remain in their plans or have they given up on him?

adamcaplan—HI: Williamson will get a good shot to redeem himself.

kajjansiblackmamba—Adam, what's your impression of Robert Meachem? How much did his 40 time help him?

adamcaplan—KAJ: He had a good workout.

Tyr—If Joe Thomas is gone before the 5th pick, then what do you see the Cardinals doing in the first round?

adamcaplan—We still have two months before the draft, so it's way too early to know where he's going. Free agency is first up for teams.

redrhino84—What are the chances of the Vikings acquiring DE Patrick Kerney?

adamcaplan—RED: Problem is he's hurt a lot, I would only pay him so much. I wouldn't get in a bidding war for him.

HissingBoomslang—Ok... first, I was wondering which free agent WR Childress could be referring to, when he said that he was considering not-so-big-name guys. The free agent WR group is thin, thin, thin overall.

HireLurts—Any chance Jarvis sneaks up to #7, I read his initial burst at the combine was impressive and his frame can add weigth?

adamcaplan—Guys: Let's try to concentrate more on free agency if we could since it's in three days and the Vikings have a lot of needs.

kajjansiblackmamba—Sure thing.

vikingspub—What's the latest on Jared Allen?

adamcaplan—PUB: He's not likely to go anywhere. KC can't afford to lose him. Their pass rush was bad enough last year. Only 32 sacks.

Proudhorn—What about Adaluis Thomas?

adamcaplan—PRO: SF, CLE, NE, and a few others for AT.

lightn24—What about TE?

adamcaplan—LI: Graham, as I reported last weekend, is who they want. If not, look at the draft.

javik316—Hey Adam, who are the most likely targets for the Vikes in free agency?

adamcaplan—JAV: WR-Lelie, D.J. Hackett, Graham, guard, mid-level types.

HireLurts—With Fred Smoot likely gone, how about Nate Clements or Dre Bly?

adamcaplan—HIRE: No, they're starters, and the Vikings have two. Rod Hood for nickel, but he wants to start.

HissingBoomslang—Hood would be a nice nickel.

Tyr—So they wouldn't look at Eric Johnson as a backup plan at TE?

adamcaplan—TYR: He can't block and he has a bad injury history.

Tyr—Ok, that's kind of important. :).

Blaze326326—What about Donte Stallworth from Philly?

adamcaplan—BL: He wants 10-12 mill up front so we'll see there. He has to come down a bit.

javik316—Do you think there is a chance they sign Dewayne White from the Bucs?

adamcaplan—JAV: White is a good sleeper DE and he can also play DT if needed.

adamcaplan—BTW, Juqua Thomas will be re-signing with Eagles on Friday to a multi-year deal I'm told. He would have had Vikings interest, too bad there.

javik316—Are the Vikes serious about Brady Quinn?

adamcaplan—JAVL No.

kajjansiblackmamba—Adam, are teh Vikes planning on targeting a QB in FA?

Tyr—What level of compensation do you expect the Seahawks to tag Hackett with?

adamcaplan—TYR: Second round most likely. If they do first, they'll keep him for sure. Second will get interest from other teams. That's a tough call for them.

Tyr—Are the Vikings willing to give up a second for him or would they need to work out a trade?

adamcaplan—TYR: They will have to trade for him I'm sensing because SEA wants to deal Darrell Jackson.

HireLurts—That eats some money up for the Eagles, will it cost them someone else to be released in FA? Vikes are always looking for Eagles.

adamcaplan—HI: No, they have about $10 million.

Tyr—That doesn't sound promising. So if the Vikings can't get Hackett are pretty much stuck with Lelie and another depressing group of receivers?

adamcaplan—TYR: Drew Bennett will likely talk to MIN. He's not expected to re-sign with TEN. From what I'm hearing, they're pretty far apart, so unless something happens significantly, he will be available.

HireLurts—What's your honest opinion of Lelie, can he be a #1?

javik316—is stallworth a possibilty.

Tyr—I really wish this was a better year for WRs in free agency. :(.

kajjansiblackmamba—Adam, are the Vikes planning on targeting a QB in FA?

adamcaplan—KAJ: Not that I'm aware of at this point.

redrhino84— What about Eric Steinbach or Kris Deilman?

adamcaplan— RED: I don't see it. They're looking for mid-level guard.

AnthSolem—Why mid-level Gs?

Tyr—We already have a lot of money invested in our line.

adamcaplan—Cosey Coleman, Cooper Carlisle types.

adamcaplan—TYR: Overall, free agency is very thin.

HissingBoomslang—Is their any chance of someone not yet on the radar--say maybe prying Lee Evans away from the Bills, or something, before they lose him anyway? In a trade.

adamcaplan—HIS: No chance, they love Evans.

Viking24—Could Timmerman be a possibility?

adamcaplan—VIK: No, he's almost done. Backup only.

redrhino84—How much money do we have under the cap?

vikingspub—$12.4 million right now.

trevisgp—About $20 million after we release a few scrubs.

HireLurts—FA is depressing, other than Graham, we need playmakers and there aren't many ... unless there are some surprises that we're not expecting.

adamcaplan—HI: I know, and Graham has a bad injury history. Hasn't played a full season yet. Lots of ankle and knee injuries. They will go after Graham hard. That I can tell you. He's underrated as a pass catcher and was very accomplished in college. I saw him light it up in the Senior Bowl, and he's a great blocker.

HireLurts—Yikes, no wonder the Pats kept drafting TE's...will Kleinsasser stay on? I sure hope so, but it looks bleak.

adamcaplan—HI: Wiggins is gone, JK is 50-50 to stay.

HissingBoomslang—Really, with such slim pickings, and how little we have at WR --- this really might be the year to take a chance and move up — get Calvin.

trevisgp—Adam, what's Childress' beef with Wiggins. Will they let him go?

adamcaplan—TRE: They want a WCO type of TE. Keep in mind as we reported last year they liked Owen Daniels.

HissingBoomslang—Any interest in a QB like Rattay?

adamcaplan—HIS: He has a weak arm but isn't a bad fit for the WCO.

Tyr—Other than Hackett, are there any sleeper WRs in FA?

adamcaplan—TYR: Other than Hackett, not really.

trevisgp—Do the Vikes still have any interest in Schaub?

adamcaplan—TREV: I doubt it.

purplepeopleeaters—How about possible trade for David Carr?

trevisgp—Carr sux.

adamcaplan—PUR: Can't see it.

HireLurts—Chilly has it out for Mewelde Moore, Wiggins, and J. Kleinsasser...why? Still can't figure out the lack of use of Moore, who was responsible for more big plays than anyone we had last year.

adamcaplan—HI: Childress needs to find a better way to use Moore.

trevisgp—I totally agree with that comment.

redrhino84—Who's going to play MLB if Napolean Harris leaves?

adamcaplan—RED: They're supposed to move Henderson there from what I'm told.

kajjansiblackmamba—Adam, I've seen rumors that London Fletcher-Baker has a deal in place with teh Skins already, isn't that tampering?

adamcaplan—KAJ: Yes, but hard to prove.

kajjansiblackmamba—LOL, yeah, ‘Mighty Mouose' Snyder strikes again.

adamcaplan—He stinks though. He didn't have a good year.

Tyr—Thomas could be in the mix as well.

javik316—Which receiver fits the Vikes system the best of the free agents?

adamcaplan—JAV: Hackett, Bennett.

adamcaplan—Hackett more.

HireLurts—Are the Titans in cap trouble still? Why will they allow D. Bennett to go?

adamcaplan—HI: TEN is in great cap shape, but they placed a value on Bennett and don't feel he's worth what he's asking.

HissingBoomslang—Do you think a player such as Cato June would be a good fit with the Vikes?

adamcaplan—HIS: Yes, same system but he wouldn't start with MIN.

adamcaplan—Guys: That's all the time I have time for. We'll do this again soon.

trevisgp—Thanks, Adam.

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