Quinn, Weiss Comment on Impressive Workout

Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn made numerous throws Sunday at his pro day in front of a large NFL contingent, including Vikings representatives. See what Quinn and his coach, Charlie Weiss, had to say about his impressive workout.

There were about 100 people attending Brady Quinn's pro day workout, including the Irish draft hopefuls and personnel from all 32 teams, according to Brian Hardin, director of football media relations at Notre Dame.

According to Mike Frank, publisher of Notre Dame's site on the Scout.com network, Quinn threw 63 passes, 58 of them completions.

Fighting Irish coach Charlie Weiss ran the workout, and he and Quinn both spoke after the workout. Here are their comments, starting with Quinn himself.


"Today was pretty good. It wasn't my best, but it was pretty good.
I think there's definitely still room for improvement."

On what's next: "Go to Arizona for a couple of weeks and be back here March 22 for pro day, and I'm here for individual workouts and flying to different clubs to see their facilities."

On having the owner of the Browns and Vikings on hand: "It's exciting. Obviously you go to meet them at the Combine and then anytime they come out to a pro day like this or a more private workout it shows what kind of vested interest they have. One, I think you have to be thankful for the fact they're able to come out here. Two, you have to be excited about the opportunity to workout in front of them and kind of show them what you're all about."

On how he did: "I feel pretty good. I think the pace was pretty fast. We whipped out a good amount of throws there in about 15 minutes, 20 minutes time. I wouldn't mind slowing up a little bit, but I think I did pretty well. There's always room for improvement."

On why he worked out now instead of at the Combine: "You're on your own turf. You throwing to wide receivers you're familiar with. I think it allows for a little better showing. You're throwing routes you're accustomed to throwing in your offense. Whenever you do these types of things, you want to put your best foot forward."

Quinn said he will do his 40 and his shuttle and vertical jumps at the March 22 pro day. He said he delayed because he had some bursitis in his right knee and wanted to give his knee more time to recover.

On his draft status potentially dropping: "We haven't done anything since then (the Sugar Bowl) and people are sitting there saying your stock's going up, you're stock's going down, it's kind of comical in that sense. You're just working out, doing the best you can every day."

"Unless somebody's out there in Arizona watching me work out, I don't understand how your stock can be going up or down. But I think today was a good day. Hopefully everyone's stock went up today."

On his thinking of his draft status: "I'm not thinking about any particular team. I just want to go No. 1. That's really what I'm looking forward to. And I hope that will be the case in the end."

On Weiss adding pressure saying he could be on the top three QBs in the NFL in the next five years: "It's the same pressure that's always been put on here at Notre Dame. We're used to always having the spotlight shined on you. I think as a quarterback you have to be excited about someone saying that about you. It gives you something to work toward and work for in the next few years."


On what he saw out there: "I think a lot of people thought we were going to come in and have a little dog and pony show. We threw everything people wanted to see. We put him through every throw that any NFL organization would want to see – from moving in the pocket, to moving from the pocket, to three- step, to five-step to seven-step. I think now they have enough information to make a critical evaluation, if they didn't have enough on tape already."

On how he represented himself: "The way I looked at it is there were five balls on the ground, oneof which I put on him. That's out of 65 throws. I'd have to do the math on that, but that's the way I was looking at it. I thought there were four catchable balls and one crummy throw to the right hand side."

On throwing to his own receivers: "Yes. Being an assistant coach in the NFL, you always wanted those guys to come to the Combine and workout because the competition against everyone else. But realistically, he's competing against air. He's competing against every other player in every position, not just the quarterbacks. Because when you're a first-round draft choice, you're not just competing against the quarterbacks, you're competing against the top running backs and the linebackers and everyone else. Now that was not an easy workout that he just went through, now. But in a controlled environment at least you have a good feel for your receivers and your coach is running it. So there isn't any miscommunication as far as what you're really trying to get done."

On the knocks on his deep ball: "Did you see that? ... The last post was thrown about 70 yards right on the money. ... A lot of times when people talk about underthrown and overthrown, it comes down to being in sync with your receivers when they're running routes. But a lot of times even on short and intermediate routes, what looks like an inaccurate throw might not be the throw, it might be where the receiver is. People always want to say, ‘Hey, I wish he'd have thrown it there.' Maybe that's where the guy was supposed to be."

"Not only does he have a strong arm, but he has an accurate arm as well."

On Quinn's knee potentially scaring teams: "The NFL types go by what they see. They don't go by what they hear. They go by what they see. He threw every throw that there was to throw. There was nothing held back there. People talk about the health of Brady Quinn. I think that anyone who watched that workout saw a half hour of strenuous – there was no timeout in that workout. It was, ‘Let's go get ‘em. I think he answered a lot of questions from a lot of people."

On what this meant for the Notre Dame program: "Right now I'm not worried about the Notre Dame program for Brady Quinn. When his eligibility's up, I'm worrying about Brady Quinn. I worry about the rest of the program, that's my job. Right now I just want what's best for Brady Quinn and I want the best for every other draft-eligible guy that will be going there as well."

"I tried to run this as if I were a pro coach today. I figure that's what everyone's looking for today. Because if not, I'd let someone else run the whole situation. I'm trying to increase the players' marketability. You know what they're looking for. So what you have to do is put them in position – good or bad, whether things workout or don't workout, you have to put them in position where people can evaluate exactly what it is. I tried to treat it like I was on the pro side of it. There isn't any question, everyone who is here could make an evaluation of what they just witnessed."


On being easier to work out at Notre Dame vs. the Combine: "Because coming in here you know what you're going to do. At the Combine, you want to do everything. You want to do everything your best. You can rest on the times you had at the combine and focus on what you do best and really make improvements in areas where you have time to make improvements on."

On not running because he was satisfied with Combine times: "That got a lot of stuff out of the way for me. For me it was just coming in here doing the bench, showing I'm still working on strength and also doing the field work to show them the type of player I am and the type of athlete they'll be getting."

What's next: "You want to get ready to take it to the next level. We're all looking forward to that. But it was great to be here."

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