Quinn Impresses Childress

The Vikings had several representatives on hand Sunday for the workout of Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, and head coach Brad Childress answered a number of questions about his impressions of Quinn's session.

Vikings draft possibility Brady Quinn, Notre Dame's highly touted quarterback, threw at his pro day Sunday, and the Vikings had head coach Brad Childress, owner Zygi Wilf and quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers on hand.

Quinn completed 58 of 63 passes, by the count of Mike Frank of IrishEyes.com on the Scout.com network. Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss, who ran the workout, said only one of Quinn's incompletions was a bad pass.

So how do NFL folks feel about Quinn's performance? Childress and Browns coach Romeo Crennel both commented after the session.


"I thought he was very astute. He obviously knows this system. He
understands football and he likes football."

On if anything should be read in fact Childress, Wilf, Rogers and others were there: "Just that we're all here. I just think with the quarterbacks it's great to be able to see them on the field as opposed to on videotape."

On if he's made up his mind on Quinn: "Until we can go back and reconnoiter a little bit and then we'll see if we want to come back again. A lot of time left. No, we don't have our mind made up."

On his thoughts on Quinn's workout: "I thought he did just about what you'd expect, about what you saw on tape. I thought he did a nice job at this workout."

On if he attends a lot of pro days: "I'll probably go to four or five. I'd like to tell you seven, since we're the seventh pick in the draft."

On the difference between a pro day and a Combine workout: "Well, it's a home game, so that's good. Really he made more throws here than you'd think about making at the combine. I think he threw about 60 balls here today and it takes a little bit of endurance to be able to do that and he did it pretty rapid fire succession."


On what he liked: "The fact he could make all his throws, both right and left. He's a polished quarterback. He's smart. When you watch him on tape you can see he knows where to go with the ball. He will at times throw it away when he has to. So we think he's a good young prospect."

On having the head coach and owner here: "They shouldn't read anything into it. They should read into it the fact that we're interested in Brady because he's a fine young athlete and a fine young person. You never know how the draft goes. We'll be at some other places as well."

On people associating Adrian Peterson with the Browns: "Do you remember last year when people had Bush going somewhere and it didn't work out that way. So who knows how this thing plays out?"

On how many pro days he attends: "A few. Three or four a year."

On the difference between a pro day and a Cominbe workout: "Well, one, he didn't throw at the combine. Now you get a chance to see him throw. I think it's a more comfortable setting for him because he knows this arena and he has his own receivers that he's throwing to. So to be able to see him throw, I think that's the benefit of being able to go to pro day. Then you get to see the guy up close and personal. You're standing right next to him and have a chance to see him drop back and throw."

On if it hurt Quinn to not run at his pro day: "No, not really. He's a quarterback, he doesn't have to run a 40. He showed he has good feet on the movement drills that he did because he did some roll outs, he did some play actions. You can see his feet move. And hopefully he doesn't have to run a 40 and if he's running a 40 they'll be chasing him."

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