Moon Over Lambeau?

With the Patriots out of the bidding for Randy Moss, the Packers have become the focus of a potential trade that could land the Raiders a quarterback of the future and allow them to grab the one player in the draft that could end up being the biggest difference-maker.

The chances of Randy Moss returning to the NFC North took a major upturn Tuesday, as the Packers again came up in discussions concerning a trade for Randy Moss. According to sources close to the Packers, Brett Favre is the driving force behind the push to add Moss.

The biggest issue in getting the deal done is how to compensate the Raiders. When Moss went to Oakland two years ago, the Vikings got the seventh overall pick in the draft, Napoleon Harris and a seventh-round draft pick. That sort of value won't be involved this time around if a trade can be reached.

VU is hearing that the Packers are offering quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but the Raiders are holding out for an additional draft pick, which could be as little as a third-rounder. If the trade is made, Moss would make his return to the division in which he had the most success and it could free the Raiders to take Calvin Johnson, viewed by many as the best player in the 2007 draft.

For fans who would like to see this trade take place, don't hold your breath. Word out of Oakland is that, if a deal is going to get done, it will likely be at least a couple of weeks before a final deal will get brokered.

* During his interview process with the Titans, wide receiver Kevin Curtis said one of his goals is to play in a warm-weather city – which is either blowing smoke or could be a problem. Seeing as the four teams he had visited before going to Tennessee – the Vikings, Lions, Eagles and Giants – don't play in cities that are exactly balmy in November through January – that could bode poorly for the Vikings' chances. But, it Curtis has seen "An Inconvenient Truth" it may just be a matter of time before Minnesota becomes a tropical locale.
* The Seahawks signed former Viking Brian Russell last week. Russell, who began his career with the Vikings, signed as a free agent with the Browns in 2005. He was one of several players with the Browns that suffered from dangerous staph infections which were deemed to have come from the team's practice facility.
* Since when did the Patriots become the home of bad boys? Just days after signing Donte Stallworth, whose free-agent value took a hit when it was reported that he is in the league's substance abuse program, the team announced the signing of wide receiver Kelley Washington, who was one of several Bengals to have off-season issues in recent years.
* In a related note, there's been rumors flying in Boston about a feud between Stallworth and Washington, who both played for Tennessee and were both going to come out in the 2002 draft before Washington backed out and returned to the Vols. Among the players quoted to discuss the "feud" was former Viking Onterrio Smith, who was at Tennessee at the time.
* Adrian Peterson was the star of his school Pro Day Tuesday and spent much of his time focusing on his ability to catch passes, which had been questioned by some scouts. It is believed that he performed well enough to cement his position as the No. 3 pick in the draft to the Browns. If, however, he makes it past Cleveland at No. 3, he could be poised to available for the Vikings at No. 7 since the three teams in between – the Buccaneers, Cardinals and Redskins – have all invested heavily in RB over the last two years.
* After fears that the league would impose "poison pill" language into contracts, thusfar during free agency, there have been no contracts that include that sort of language.

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