Adam Caplan's Vikings Chat Transcript subscribers asked and's Adam Caplan answered dozens and dozens of questions about the Vikings, their personnel, free agency and the draft. See what Caplan had to say in Tuesday night's chat with subscribers.

adamcaplan: Hi, all. Let's get started.

kajjansiblackmamba: Welcome back, Adam.

vikingspub: I haven't got a call back on Ian Scott today, so I'm not completely sure if he stayed for today, but I doubt it (later confirmed that he did not have a visit on Tuesday).

adamcaplan: DEN needs Scott more. But their cap space isn't close to what MIN has (see further down this transcript for breaking news that affected this situation).

vikingspub: OK, fire away for Adam.

canadavike2: Adam, please tell me we can't take a DE again in the first?

adamcaplan: CAN: Depends who is there.

VikingDave: Adam, any good rumors?

adamcaplan: VD: Slow period now, next 2 weeks or so.

adamcaplan: I see MIN needs as: WR (2), RG, DE, DT (young developmental), nickel CB.

HissingBoomslang: Bingo. Nice, Adam.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, can you name a few WRs the Vikings might be targeting in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, assuming they do not draft one in the 1st?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Too early to say. Ask me a few weeks before the draft. That's when I got an idea where they were going in last year's draft. But I like Craig Davis from LSU, very solid second-round pick

kajjansiblackmamba: Will do, Adam.

medlynn: hey I was high on Matt Leinart last year and he looks pretty good so far. Is Brady Quinn as good or better?

medlynn: How would you rank Quinn to last year's QB class.

adamcaplan: MED: Quinn is more ready than Vince Young, who didn't play as well as some might think.

medlynn: Last year was the first time I conceded before the season started.

Rattz67: What will the Vikes do in the 1st round – trade up, stay or trade down?

VikingDave: I bet they trade down.

HissingBoomslang: I think we all hope they trade down – save one possibility.

canadavike2: You think Cleveland would actually trade with us?

viking20: Mr. Caplan, I am a 40-year Vikings fan. Do you think that we have enough on the ball this year to draft some quality playmakers so that I can see a possible Super Bowl victory before I die?

adamcaplan: 20: They need two impact WRs.

adamcaplan: Hicks has to be replaced.

adamcaplan: Shiancoe may be OK.

adamcaplan: DE is a huge need.

Rattz67: Are the Vikings completely sold on Tarvaris Jackson?

adamcaplan: They're happy with Jackson to develop him as their QB.

canadavike2: After watching John Elway on in their own words,.Minnesota needs our own Elway.

MiKeYJ42: Not sure if this has been asked, but are there quality receivers to be taken in the 2nd round on down that can make an immediate impact, or more developmental players?

adamcaplan: 42: Craig Davis LSU is a good one for MIN in the second round.

HissingBoomslang: Adam - I know it isn't PROBABLE perhaps, but to your knowledge do the Vikes at least have Calvin Johnson as a blip on their radar, as far as moving up?

adamcaplan: HIS: Depends on what the cost would be. They have to get at least to #2.

NorthernVike: I see the Vikes going DE in round 1, then WR.

VikingDave: Is Kenechi Udeze a bust?

adamcaplan: VD: As of now, Udeze has been a big disappointment.

viking20: Thank you, Mr. Caplan, but just two wide outs? No O-line upgrades, etc?

adamcaplan: 20: As noted at the beginning, their needs are: RG, 2 WR, DE, nickel CB.

MiKeYJ42: Are the Vikings looking for a RT or does Childress believe Marcus Johnson or Ryan Cook will emerge as a player?

adamcaplan: 42: I'd throw RT there too.

medlynn: Martin Nance looked good at the end last year.

adamcaplan: Nance is a backup, though, if everything worked out well. Nance had a good Senior Bowl two years ago.

vikes0415: Adam, Will Bobby Wade help?

adamcaplan: 0415: Wade is a #3.

vikingms93: Adam, do you think that there are any WRs left on the market the Vikes might look at, or how about the chances of giving up a 2nd rounder for D.J. Hackett?

adamcaplan: 93: No, teams would give up a #3 for him, not a #2.

vikingms93: But Hackett is already somewhat proven. Give up the 2nd and you at least get someone you know can make the tough catch.

adamcaplan: 3: You won't find bigger advocate than me of Hackett, but teams don't want to give up a high pick for him.

adamcaplan: I would.

HissingBoomslang: Adam, who are a few main OL the Vikes are interested in? Any talk of Grubbs, Ramirez, Satele, etc.?

adamcaplan: HB: I'd say they will look at a OL in the second.

adamcaplan: There are some good ones there.

canadavike2: Why won't Chilly hire an offensive coordinator?

adamcaplan: cana: It's his offense, doesn't matter. He gets help from others in the game plan.

idahovike: Can the Vikings get a good receiver in round 2?

adamcaplan: IDA: Craig Davis is solid there.

medlynn: Steve Smith in purple.

NorthernVike: How long before Craig Davis could start?

adamcaplan: NV: Two years. He could play a lot though as a rookie.

canadavike2: Anthony Gonzales=Bobby Wade?

adamcaplan: Very good sleeper WR.

vikes0415: Any truth to the Trent Green rumors?

canadavike2: Trent Green?

adamcaplan: 014: I can't see it to MIN.

SackmasterV: With all the talk of RG in the draft, does this mean that Marcus Johnson and Ryan Cook are both still viewed as RT? I would hope that M. Johnson could move back to his college position of OG.

adamcaplan: V: Yes, Johnson should be at RT.

VIKINGSRCK: What would the Vikings have to give up to get Calvin, providing he went with the 3rd pick overall.

adamcaplan: VI: I can't see them trading up for CJ.

vikingms93: I'm with you there.

vikes0415: How is Erasmus James coming along?

adamcaplan: 15: He had a follow-up scope, I think, so they can't count on him just yet to be productive.

NashvilleVikingFan: Any thoughts on Robert Meachem out of UT.

medlynn: Fast.

adamcaplan: NV: He should go late first.

NorthernVike: Any chance Hicks just needed a year to adjust from LG to RG?

adamcaplan: NV: No, Eagles would have benched him and we saw him last year that he has to be a backup.

MiKeYJ42: Mel Kiper Jr has LaRon Landry going to Minnesota at 7. Do they really need a safety?

adamcaplan: MY: Landry is a player, but they don't need to take him there. They will look for impact starters.

adamcaplan: IF they were willing to cut Sharper, maybe.

VIKINGSRCK: Is the talk for Lynch a bluff, and we will go def end in the first?

vikingms93: Gaines Adams, Paw Power, baby. LOL.

adamcaplan: If I was MIN I'd trade down.

vikes0415: Jason Carter have a chance to be something?

adamcaplan: 15: No, backup.

SackmasterV: Is it possible to address DE in 1 and OG in the 2nd, then address WR? Seems like we would have to have a lot of faith it Williamson and Wade.

adamcaplan: SACK: It looks like they feel Wade can start. Not sure if I agree though.

adamcaplan: SA: Depends who is there, but Gaines Adams would be a great pick there at #7. Not sure if he makes it or not because teams above them need DEs. ARI, WAS, TB.

VIKINGSRCK: How far would you trade dwn & who would u go4 roseguy Quit (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken)).

vikes0415: Any chance for a WR in FA at this point?

adamcaplan: 15: Not really, all scrubs pretty much. Eric Moulds is the best, but he's lost more than a step.

vikes0415: Thanks, Adam.

medlynn: I wanted him last year. Remember CC? Well, not quite, but give TJ a good old guy and a great new guy.

NashvilleVikingFan: I don't see Wade making a big impact. He was here for the Titans last year and had the ops.

adamcaplan: NV: He's a possession WR.

VIKINGSRCK: Is the Vikes' lack of action in free agency because of lack of talent or is Rick Spielman another Matt Millen?

canadavike2: SPIELMAN gives us the creeps.

adamcaplan: VR: Speilman isn't that bad. He made some good picks for MIA. Problem he had there was the OL. He never developed it.

canadavike2: Good. Thanks.

vikes0415: Is Brad Childress serious about T. Jackson at QB?

adamcaplan: 15: Yes, they really like him.

MiKeYJ42: Has Travis Taylor been signed yet?

adamcaplan: 42: No, and he hasn't had any visits. I'm told MIN doesn't want him back. Surprising only because he did ok.

vikes0415: What's your opinion on T jackson.

VikingDave: How much gas does Darren Sharper have left in the tank?

adamcaplan: VD: Smart player but has lost a step. I'd get someone to replace him.

adamcaplan: Doesn't have to be in the first two rounds.

medlynn: I want someone who can give me at least 50 pt.

NashvilleVikingFan: The draft won't be "good" without at least one solid WR.

NorthernVike: You happy with our RB situation? Seems we have no #2?

MiKeYJ42: Mewelde Moore needs more touches.

adamcaplan: 42: Agreed. But I don't think they are high on him. They should trade him if they aren't going to use him.

MiKeYJ42: Agreed.

medlynn: For what, a seventh?

canadavike2: Mewelde on Sirius by a former coach says he is in the doghouse cause he can't play through pain.

adamcaplan: As I reported weeks ago, they wanted Sammy Morris.

MiKeYJ42: He doesn't get to play anyway.

Viking24: How far has Dwayne Jarrett slipped?

adamcaplan: 24: Depends how he does at his pro day next week.

canadavike2: If Jarrett is there at 2nd, we have to take him!

vikes0415: Any hope for Troy Williamson?

NashvilleVikingFan: How's Troy's eyes?

adamcaplan: 15: I think Williamson will be OK. He's doing what he has to get his vision corrected.

MiKeYJ42: Adam, is DT depth an issue with Minnesota?

adamcaplan: 42: Yes, very much so.

MiKeYJ42: Why?

adamcaplan: Pat Williams turns 35 this season. They need someone to play 20 plays.

HissingBoomslang: How do you feel about Amobi Okoye, and do the Vikes like him?

adamcaplan: HB: I can see them taking him.

medlynn: I didn't like his attitude n the Michigan game.

vikeman99: Will there be agoodWR in second round?

adamcaplan: 99: Other than Craig Davis from LSU, one of the others would have to slip to them.

VIKINGSRCK: Spielman said when we first hired him he loved having multi RBs. Does this mean Adrian Peterson?

adamcaplan: VR: I can't see it. Chester Taylor was fine last season. They need a faster change-of-pace RB. If it's not Moore, then they have to draft or trade for one.

canadavike2: Adrian would break out a TD a game?

NashvilleVikingFan: WR, RB, DE, CB somewhere in the first 4 rounds?

adamcaplan: NF: DE, CB, WR for sure.

NashvilleVikingFan: Thanks.

vikes0415: Any CB help on FA market we may go after?

adamcaplan: 15: They'll get a veteran CB for the nickel at some point. There are plenty available. They wanted Nick Harper for it.

medlynn: The middle was pretty open last year.

VIKINGSRCK: Adrian is fast, and some mock drafts have him falling to the Bills.

medlynn: If our LBs can cover, our DEs don't look so bad.

vikeman99: We will not get a chance at Adrian.

vikingms93: Everyone is talking Peterson. I don't get it. Chester Taylor was our only producer on the whole offense.

viking20: Adam, Marshawn Lynch, is he a possibility?

adamcaplan: 20: I can't see a RB for the Vikings in the first.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thank God.

canadavike2: Is Leslie Frazier respected.

adamcaplan: CAN: Very much so.

MiKeYJ42: Adam, do you see any significant cuts made June 1 or is the FA market pretty much set?

adamcaplan: 42: Pretty much set.

NashvilleVikingFan: How did harper get away if Frazier is well liked?

centralcaviking: Adam, do the Viking have trouble attracting top FAs? Is Minnesota second tier?

adamcaplan: CEN: There aren't any left.

adamcaplan: BTW, Denver just signed free agent DL Alvin McKinley so they may be out of the Ian Scott market.

adamcaplan: BTW, I'm told Ian Scott has a decent chance to get with the Vikings. In fact, they are the leading team to get him.

canadavike2: Awesome!

canadavike2: Good news for once.

adamcaplan: I just got a call as we are doing this.

canadavike2: You're the best! Forget PA

NashvilleVikingFan: What's so good about Ian Scott? Still not up on him.

adamcaplan: Solid DT, good against the run and can start.

vikingms93: Scott's gonna wind up back in Chicago. What's wrong with Spencer Johnson there as a backup?

VIKINGSRCK: Don't we still have about 28 mill left in cap space.

VikingDave: I am from Chicago, and believe me, Ian Scott is not that good.

canadavike2: Backup for Fat Pat Williams.

Rattz67: Weak FA pool this year.


VIKINGSRCK: Please tell me we are happy with Jackson and we are not going after a QB in round 1.

adamcaplan: RCK: They are happy, I reported last week that MIN won't take a QB.

medlynn: Just score some points PLEASE!

vikes0415: Adam, will Brad open the offense up this year a bit?

MiKeYJ42: Are the Vikes still looking for a veteran QB like Bledsoe to come in or that position set?

adamcaplan: Drew Bledsoe is too slow.

mpledline: Adam, who has final say in Vikings war room during the draft?

adamcaplan: MP: Good question, I have to think Spielman because Foley did more or less.

SackmasterV: How much is a WCO hurt by not having a TE and slot receiver? Could this be a big reason we just ran all day long?

adamcaplan: SA: They have one now in Wade.

adamcaplan: All: I have to run, we'll do it again in a few weeks.

kajjansiblackmamba: Later Adam, thanks again.

aungo4: Thanks, Adam.

vikingspub: Adam scheduled back-to-back chats with other sites, so he had to run. Thanks, everyone for the great questions.

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