Texans Abandon Carr

The Vikings have been very clear on their interest not to make a trade for Texans QB David Carr. But now that he has been cut by Houston and his salary doesn't come along with him, there's reason to believe the Vikings and a handful of other teams might be interested.

The whispers about the Vikings being involved in a trade for David Carr have been pondered and, in some cases, destroyed. In his rare public appearances over the last month, Brad Childress has denied any interest in trading for Carr.

But will they be interested now that Carr is a free agent? Carr, who was released Friday along with the Artist Formerly Known as Dominick Davis, had been the subject of trade rumors for more than a year and his fate was sealed when the team traded for and subsequently signed a long-term contract with Matt Schaub. Unable to work cut a deal for a trade – even a low-round draft pick – the Texans cut their losses and cleared him off the books.

With his release, teams are able to broker a deal that wouldn't include the $4-6 million base salary his old contract had – a death blow for many potential trade partners. There could be competition to get him signed. The Raiders are without a quarterback, much less a veteran presence. The Chiefs and Dolphins have been discussing a trade for Trent Green and both teams have quietly expressed an interest in Carr. The Vikings have not.

Childress made is crystal clear that he wasn't interested in a trade for Carr, but, now that he is a street free agent, that perception may change – especially if he's willing to accept a deal in the neighborhood of $5 million over two years. If a QB will take "Bobby Wade money," it might be worth it to take the chance on him.

* The Packers rumors just won't let up. On the heels of being in the middle of talks about a potential trade for Randy Moss, the Packers are now viewed as the front-runner in a potential trade for restricted free agent Michael Turner of the Chargers. As it currently stands, the Pack have only two running backs on the roster – Vernand Morency and Noah Herron.
* Former Vikings kicker Aaron Elling was signed by the Falcons.

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