Chamberlain in Limbo

The Vikings will have to play wait and see with Byron Chamberlain as his knee injury looks strangely similar to one that sidelined him last year.

The dimension Byron Chamberlain adds to the Vikings offense was made quite clear Sunday when his one reception covered 61 yards. But after that play, Chamberlain sustained an injury that sidetracked his 2001 season for a couple of weeks.

Last year, Chamberlain sustained a strained posterior cruciate ligament -- less serious than an ACL or MCL strain, but serious nonetheless. Last year, Chamberlain missed parts of four games with the injury, which tended to make his knee lock up and force him to the sideline.

On Monday, Mike Tice said Chamberlain could miss one or two weeks, but added it will depend on how the knee responds. If the injury is anything like it was last year, it could lock up at any time and force the Vikings to be ready for a backup plan.

If and when he has to sit, Jim Kleinsasser will become the main go-to tight end in the passing game.

* Tice admitted during his Monday press conference that the Vikings should have run the football on the third-down play in which Daunte Culpepper threw an interception. Had the Vikings run, the clock either would have run down to two minutes or the Bears would have been forced to burn their last time out.
* Word coming out of Winter Park Monday was that, after getting scorched for almost 200 yards by Marty Booker, Eric Kelly may be replaced in the starting lineup Sunday by Tyrone Carter.
* Lewis Kelly's exemption on the roster may be lifted today. Some with the team who have spoken with Kelly on an ongoing basis say he may sit out the entire season, which would be a big blow to the Vikings offensive line.
* Punt returner Nick Davis reinjured his hamstring Sunday and is listed as questionable for the Bills game.
* As Minnesota has its primary election season, we'd all like to wish Dwayne Rudd all the best and hope he throws his hat in the political ring at some time.

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