QB Has Multiple Talks with Childress

Vikings coach Brad Childress has said he could be in the market for a developmental quarterback, and the coach has had multiple conversations and contact with one that he seems to like. See what the player had to say about those talks and more.

Ed Thompson: I heard that the Colts have been calling your coaches over at Montana...

Josh Swogger: Yeah, they called to get the medical reports and stuff like that. They talked to the trainers. I try not to worry too much about who's looking at me and what's going on because ultimately, it's out of my control and I am going to go to a team that I am supposed to be at. It's so hard to predict what teams are going to do. It seems like once you have it figured out, then, they are going to do something totally opposite of what you think they would do. I try to keep my head out of it and just keep working hard.

ET: Can you imagine getting an opportunity to work with and learn from a quarterback like Peyton Manning?

JS: It would be unbelievable. Just the experience to have a chance to learn behind a guy like Peyton Manning would be huge. I think he is on his way to being at least one of the top three best that ever played the game. The thing that I think is the most impressive about Peyton is that he's so durable. He has the chance to break the record that Brett Favre has set as far as game starts in a row. And with him in Indianapolis and them just winning a Super Bowl, it seems like the ultimate team go to, so it would be unbelievable to learn from a guy like him.

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ET: How big of a breakthrough do you think it was for you to get that opportunity to be one of the throwing quarterbacks at the Combine?

JS: I think the coaches knew about me before that, but just being there, having them seeing me live, seeing me the whole week was huge. I think it's better than if I was only there for a couple of days. I think the ability to throw the whole week was really beneficial for me.

ET: Who were some of the position coaches that you had an opportunity to talk to at the Combine?

JS: I had a lot of good interviews there. I would say Seattle, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Minnesota were really good. Certain teams, you know, I don't even know how to explain it, you just feel that you hit it off with somebody. I thought Cincinnati and Carolina were good ones, too.

ET: Minnesota certainly should be a team that is checking out quarterbacks this year...

JS: Yeah, but then again, you never know. They have the seventh pick in the draft. Who knows where they are going to go? They could get a receiver or a quarterback. They could trade down. It's tough to call.

ET: Were there any scouts or coaches that sort of stuck out in regards to their interest level at your Pro Days? 

JS: You know, the Packers seem to be really interested. They came out to the first Pro Day and the same scout was there again today. I got a chance to talk to Coach Childress from the Vikings a little today after the Pro Day. The tight ends coach from the Giants came up and talked to me a bit afterwards as well. I think I made a couple of throws that impressed him. Right now, all those guys, they are really nice and cordial and it's almost like the recruiting process again there. They are really nice and they are really helpful, so it's been a great experience.

ET: Talk to me a little about how that conversation with Minnesota head coach Brad Childress went. What were your impressions and what did he have to say?

JS: He thought I did really well today. Coming back from the Combine, I was on the same plane as Coach Childress. I got on the plane and he stopped me and shook my hand and told me he thought I did a great job during the week. He said it was one of the best groups of throwing quarterbacks he's seen since he has been coaching. I was kind of pleased with that. Talking to him today afterwards was very productive.

ET: Josh, is there anything else you want to pass on to the fans at this point?

JS: Just that I am excited. I'm looking forward to April 28 and 29 and then minicamps starting right after that. I'm looking forward to the next days in my career and hopefully will be able to help a team soon.

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