Hitch Up Those Pants!

Cedric Griffin's recent night out turned into a three-hour tour of the local jail. While the story has achieved some national interest of a humorous tale of wearing sylish baggy pants, the incident has given those media types the latest arrest count for the team and the league. For a franchise looking to shine up it's image, there probably isn't any laughing at Winter Park about Trousergate.

The Vikings were expecting there to be plenty of talk about cornerback Cedric Griffin last year. And why not? Griffin, who came to the Vikings as a second-round rookie and beat out Fred Smoot for the starting job before shutting his season down with a neck injury, is expected to enter team mini-camps as the starting cornerback opposite Antoine Winfield.

Instead, the talk is about Griffin's arrest for disorderly conduct that, according to the police report, started when bouncers at Spin nightclub in Minneapolis told him he had to hitch up his pants. Sad but true, the club has a dress code that forbids patrons to wear low-riding pants below the waist line that lets all other bar patrons see what brand of boxer shorts that person is wearing.

While it would seem more is being made of the story – a $50 bail tab doesn't exactly fit into a "Crime of the Century" scenario – the fact that Griffin got into a situation in which he had to be physically taken down a flight of stairs and arrested after getting outside doesn't speak well for an organization that is priding itself on not making news in the news side of TV, radio and print reporting.

The pants incident can be laughed off by most, because it does seem to be making a mountain out of a mole hill. But it also makes Griffin the sixth Viking in the last 12 months to be arrested. While this situation will likely blow over, it's given those who delight in seeing football players in trouble with the law a chance to get a good laugh.

It may be time for Chilly to once again admonish the players with the sage warning, "Don't be the guy."

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