Adam Caplan Chat Transcript's Adam Caplan dropped by the chat room last night to answers subscriber questions regarding the Vikings' draft. See how Caplan thinks things could shake out in the first round and the second- and third-round values he thinks would be good fits for the Vikings.

Proudhorn: What's the percentage chance that the Patriots will swap picks with us in the first round?

adamcaplan: Proud: NE could trade into the top-15 but not likely top-10.

Greez: Adam, Anthony Spencer in the second? Will he be there?

adamcaplan: Greez: Spencer could go #15 to PIT

vikingheros: So if Adrian Peterson is our guy at #7, what receivers do we target in Rd. 2?

adamcaplan: Hero: Steve smith, Anthony Gonzalez

adamcaplan: Robert Meachem possibly

Greez: Steve Smith, great value at #41

HireLurts: Any chance whatsoever the Vikes trade up for Calvin Johnson?

adamcaplan: Hire: If he drops to #3, yes

Vlibf99: Gonzalez?

adamcaplan: Vli: Mid second-rounder

aungo4: Anyone's stock rising or dropping fast?

adamcaplan: Au: Jake Bender, OLT, is rising

HireLurts: Speculation has either Brady Quinn or Adrian Peterson falling to 7. Do the Vikes take either or trade down at that point?

adamcaplan: Hire: They would likely trade the pick if he's there.

kajjansiblackmamba: In case we do go WR in round 1, what DEs do you think will be available and a good fit for the Vikings in the 2nd, Adam?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Tim Crowder helps them in the second

Greez: If Peterson is still on the board at #7, trade down with Buffallo and look Leon Hall?

adamcaplan: Greez: They would take Peterson and not trade down

Tyr: Hi, Adam. What are the chances of Peterson slipping past Cleveland?

adamcaplan: Tyr: Joe Thomas makes more sense for them than Peterson. They have to get OL help, probably badly.

Proudhorn: We revel in Packer misery :). Think anyone will draft Marshawn Lynch before the Packs select?

adamcaplan: Proud: If Lynch doesn't go to GB, he could really drop.

HireLurts: I've seen Gaines Adams from #2 to Detroit all the way down to Miami at #9. Your thoughts? What's his question mark?

adamcaplan: HIRE: He's fine. He admitted that he smoked pot in college but that shouldn't be a problem.

adamcaplan: Okoye did too.

Tyr: That sounds good for the Vikings.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks, Adam.

adamcaplan: Okoye is confirmed. I talked to one of his agents tonight.

Greez: I know Damien Hughes is dropping, but a good fit for the Vikes in round 3?

kajjansiblackmamba: Rumor has it CJ did as well.

NorthernVike: What do you think about the Vikes taking a pick not at a position of need, like Laron Landry or Leon Hall?

adamcaplan: NO: Landry is still a need because they would like to upgrade.

Tyr: Are there any offensive linemen that the Vikings may have their eyes on?

adamcaplan: TYR: If they get an extra first-day pick, an OL is a possibility.

HissingBoomslang: Grubbs would be sweet

adamcaplan: Hiss: Grubbs will likely go 20-32

lightn24: Besides Ted Ginn and Yamon Figurs, who are the best return guys?

HireLurts: Many pundits have Laron Landry (S/LSU) going to the Vikes, but with Doss and Tank Williams back healthy, would they really go safety?

adamcaplan: HIRE: I doubt they go safety there, probably later, but they do need a developmental one.

Tyr: Is there a good chance that they may try to trade down? I would personally prefer to stay at 7 and take whichever of Peterson, Adams or Landry falls to us.

adamcaplan: TYR: Better chance they trade down than up.

kajjansiblackmamba: Speaking of Adams, Adam, do you see the Redskins (who need DL help) trading down on draft day, allowing Adams to fall to #7?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Adams is who they would like to have at #6.

HissingBoomslang: Yeah, I know he's been moving up, sigh*

adamcaplan: Spielman wants to keep as many picks as possible.

Tyr: I wouldn't want to trade up anyway, but I do want to stay at 7 if elite talent is still available.

ClassicVike: Adam, would there be a possibility of Anthony Spencer falling to them in the 2nd round?

adamcaplan: Classic: Not much of a chance, 3-4 teams want him. He had a very good Senior Bowl week.

Greez: Thoughts on CB's for the Vikes. Hughes or Wilson?

adamcaplan: Greez: Wilson is a scrappy player, could be a nickel to start out.

vikingfan52: Hi Adam. Steve Spurrier said Sidney Rice was the best he ever had. What is your opinion of where he goes? Just liked him at Carolina.

adamcaplan: 52: Opinions aren't good on Rice. Doesn't play to his timed speed and is inconsistent.

vikingfan52: Thanks

adamcaplan: He's probably mid second to early third

coyote62: What are your thoughts on Adrian Peterson as a possible Viking?

adamcaplan: 62: If things fall right with Cleveland passing on him, MIN is likely to get him there.

Tyr: That would be amazing.

adamcaplan: As we reported four weeks ago, the Vikings don't want Quinn.

NorthernVike: Who do you like as a second-round WR for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: NO: Depends who is there, but Meachem would be great.

HireLurts: Jacoby Jones is getting a lot of publicity out of Lane College. Would he be a project or could he start as a rook?

adamcaplan: HL: He has value for down the road. The Vikings have to get at least two WRs that can get into the rotation this year. They have the worst group of WRs in the NFL, worse than Tennessee.

HissingBoomslang: We share those sentiments. Most high schools have better WR corps than the Vikes.

ClassicVike: Would Steve Smith be another WR to look at in the 2nd?

vikingfan50219: If we take Peterson 1st, who would make the best receiver in the second, Gonzales or S. Smith?

adamcaplan: Vik: Smith is the better WR. Gonzalez is more of a slot WR probably

vikingheros: What are the chances of the Vikings trading down and taking Dwayne Bowe or Meachem?

HireLurts: Ouch...I love Dwayne Bowe, is a fit for the West Coast Offense? Do you have him rated high?

adamcaplan: Bowe could be someone they like if they traded down some.

adamcaplan: HI: On Bowe, good fit for WCO.

Proudhorn: But we signed Todd Lowber!! :)

HissingBoomslang: lmao, Proud

adamcaplan: BTW, I'll be on Sirius Friday from 8-11 pm EST and with PA an Dubay at 11:20 am EST Friday

Tyr: Assuming that Adams is gone by 7, are there any first-day DEs that would be a good fit for the Vikings defense?

adamcaplan: Quentin Moses, Spencer and Tim Crowder

HireLurts: Is Jamaal Anderson a reach at #7? Only a one-year starter, right?

adamcaplan: HI: Kind of

Tyr: Where do you see Anderson going? I've seen mocks that have projected him anywhere from 6 to 21.

adamcaplan: TYR: 13-17 area

Tyr: That sounds about right for him.

lightn24: Whats the latest on Ginn?

adamcaplan: LI: He should go 12-20 area

Greez: Adam, any thoughts on DeAndre Jackson, CB from Iowa State?

adamcaplan: GREE: Late second day

Proudhorn: Any late-round WR sleepers (like Marques Colston was last season?)

adamcaplan: PROU: Read our premium story from last night. We had one WR from Montana State.

coyote62: 5 years down the road, who is going to be the better QB, Quinn or Russell?

adamcaplan: COY: Now and 5 years-Russell

NorthernVike: Who are some 3rd-round possibilities for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: NO: Depends what they do in the first two rounds, but they have to get at least one WR on the first day and two if they get more picks, DE too.

Greez: Any chance the Vikes wind up with Ernest Wilford, D.J. Hackett or Darrell Jackson?

adamcaplan: GREE: Wilford was terrible last season. Makes no sesnse. Hackett no because he was tendered a second-round level. If he got the third round, he would have had a ton of interest, he's that good. Seattle would like to move Jackson, but teams are concerned about his knees.

lightn24: Any RBs in the third or fourth round that could take some carries from Chester Taylor?

adamcaplan: LI: Tony Hunt, Chris Henry. Both should go mid-second, early-third area.

HireLurts: On a sidenote, do you think Daunte Culpepper is gone from Miami and do you think he secretly had micro-fracture surgery in November?

adamcaplan: HI: I don't deal in rumors, but I don't think they can pay him and Trent Green.

Tyr: Do you think that cornerback is a concern for the Vikings or are they really happy with Dovonte Edwards and Charles Gordon for depth?

adamcaplan: TYR: I asked Childress at the owners meetings and he said he wanted to get a good look at Edwards, but they also need a nickel.

vikingheros: Vikes get Peterson in the 1st, Spencer in the 2nd, who do we target in the 3rd?

adamcaplan: VIK: CB, WR. WR almost has to be then

Greez: Who do you take, Charles Johnson or Quentin Moses?

vikingfan50219: What would be your ideal and realistic first three picks for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: VIK: Adams, Meachem, then take your pick in the third. I don't think they get either though.

HireLurts: No mention of Dwayne Jarrett. Any chance he'll last to the Vikes' 2nd pick?

adamcaplan: HIRE: Unlikely. He should go 19-30 area.

adamcaplan: On Wilford, two years ago he was pretty good and he was able to stretch the field for being a big WR, but his play really fell off last season.

Tyr: Do you think that Peterson and at least one first-day receiver would be enough to get the Vikings offense off of life support?

adamcaplan: TY: Depends who the WR is, but Peterson would bring life to their offense as a change of pace and he's a home-run hitter of sorts.

Tyr: Thanks, I really think that Peterson and Taylor could be a good tandem.

adamcaplan: Ty: I think they could control the clock.

Tyr: That would be huge with our defense.

Greez: Adam, are you thrilled with Jason Hill, Clowney, Rheema, Allison or Paul Williams for the second-tier guys?

adamcaplan: Gree: Allison is intriguing, he can really run. Hill and Williams are solid options third round or fourth. Not a big McKnight fan

Tyr: Are there any late risers that could be surprise first round picks?

adamcaplan: TY: Late first round is usually where you see that.

adamcaplan: TY: Exactly.

HireLurts: Say Peterson and Adams are gone at #7, would the Vikes take a WR at 7?

adamcaplan: It's up to Childress and Spielman to get it right on offense. HI: No chance a WR at #7. There aren't any worth taking there.

Tyr: Where do you see Brian Leonard going?

adamcaplan: TY: Second round. West Coast offense team.

Tyr: Definitely. He seems to be the perfect WCO fullback.

Greez: Any hope for Ryan Cook and Marcus Johnson? Our O-Line would be awesome if they played like second-round picks

adamcaplan: GREE: Cook was a reach. Johnson wasn't. In fact, there other teams that had him as a first-round value.

adamcaplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, if Pub wants to do it again next week, we'll do it.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks, Adam!

aungo4: Thanks, Adam.

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