MSFC Unveils New Plan

The Vikings' new stadium plan was finally unveiled Thursday by the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission. But with a price tag pushing $1 billion, all they may have to show for their effort are some flashy drawings.

The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission unveiled their new stadium plan that would include the Vikings Thursday with some fancy drawings and big plans. But, in a year that it was anticipated a funding deal with Anoka County would have its chance to rise and fall on its own, the Wilf ownership group is currently without a public financing partner with plans to renovate the eastern side of downtown Minneapolis, including the construction of a new stadium on the site where the Metrodome currently sits.

The stadium design came from the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, which, for all intents, has remained on the sidelines as St. Paul pushed through a funding package for the X-cel Energy Center and the Twins got a new home with the help of Hennepin County. The Sports Facilities Commission is still operating, at least in the form of having slick drawings done. But with a proposed price of $942 million just for the stadium, the bigger issue is who is going to pay for it?

In a statement, owner Zygi Wilf endorsed the process of the MSFC's unveiling of its stadium plan.

"The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission took a critical first step toward a long-term stadium solution for the Vikings, our fans and the State of Minnesota," Wilf said. "The commission's report answers the key questions and provides a vision of what's possible on the Metrodome site and the development of the Downtown East area of Minneapolis. We applaud the efforts of the MSFC and are anxious to move the discussion forward with state and local leaders."

Among the first question to be asked is, if the state was balking at paying one-third of a $650 million stadium, how is it going to feel about being asked for a bigger share of a $1 billion stadium? You won't find the answer to that on a pretty drawing.

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