Adam Caplan Predraft Chat Transcript

See what Adam Caplan of thinks the Vikings will look to do with some of their top picks, which receivers he likes in the first few rounds and much more, as Caplan answered predraft questions from subscribers.

HireLurts: If Washington trades out to a team wanting Adrian Peterson or Brady Quinn (whichever falls to 6), who would the Vikes likely take?

adamcaplan: HIRE: Depends who is there, LaRon Landry, Jamaal Anderson are other possibilities if Gaines Adams and Peterson are gone

VIKINGGAMER: How is Erasmus James doing after all his surgeries?

adamcaplan: VI: 50-50 for training camp

medlynn: I hear ATL may move to 6 for Landry. I think they will let everyone else make the choice for them

Tyr: Does Anderson even fit the Vikings defense?

adamcaplan: TY: He can play 3-4 or 4-3

Rattz67: Do the Vikings rate JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn higher? If for some shocking reason Russell is not taken #1, would the Vikings consider moving up to get him?

adamcaplan: RAT: Russell

NorthernVike: Adam, what do you think Cleveland will do with their pick?

adamcaplan: NO: Peterson or Joe Thomas if Russell and Calvin Johnson are gone.

HireLurts: Anderson seems to be a mirror image of Kenechi Udeze (left DE)...would they really get another big DE at #7?

adamcaplan: HI: Anderson is faster. Quicker first step

Tyr: I know, but he just seems redundant with Udeze and Darrion Scott.

Tyr: True, but you rarely hear about 290-pound Cover 2 ends, but maybe Anderson is better than I give him credit for.

adamcaplan: TYR: He weighs 285

adamcaplan: and can get down to 275

adamcaplan: if needed or go up

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any slim chance that the Vikings trade up and get CJ?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Zero or very little. They want to trade down more.

kajjansiblackmamba: That's what I thought, but had to ask

adamcaplan: IF CJ dropped to #3, maybe, but again, they want to keep their picks

kajjansiblackmamba: I don't disagree with their sentiment

HireLurts: With Mike Doss, Tank Williams, Dwight Smith, and Darren Sharper all on board, LaRon Landry would be a disappointing pick at #7. Would they try and trade down?

adamcaplan: HI: All of them aren't starters. That's why they would take Landry. Sharper is almost done and Smith you can't count on each week. Doss hasn't proven a thing. No one wanted him.

kajjansiblackmamba: Depends on which stairwell he was in the night before the game

adamcaplan: KAJ: That's cold … but true

kajjansiblackmamba: LOL

kajjansiblackmamba: Minnesota is known for how cold it gets sometimes

canadavike2: Landry = our Colts Bob Sanders?

medlynn: Sanders is good, but Landry is much better

Rattz67: What is the craziest rumor you have heard as we head to the draft?

adamcaplan: RAT: I really don't deal in rumors

Tyr: Do you think that the Vikings would take Jarrett if he slides to us in the second round?

adamcaplan: TYR: Yes

NorthernVike: Do you agree with the strategy to trade down or should we stick to 7 and draft best available player?

adamcaplan: NO: If they think they can get a similar value a few picks later or even more, they will trade down, depending who else is there. That's what Rick Spielman wants to do

Tyr: That would at least take be back from the ledge if we drafted Anderson.

HireLurts: Justin Blalock a possible round 2, with a big need at right guard?

adamcaplan: HI: There are a lot of good Gs in the second and third round.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what DEs and/or WRs would be a good fit for the Vikes in round 2?

adamcaplan: RAT: There are a bunch. They want to get WR, DL first day depth on OL, secondary too first four rounds.

Tyr: Which round do you think that Jacoby Jones will be drafted in?

adamcaplan: TYR: 4-5 probably

adamcaplan: I could see them trading down to #13 or so and getting Robert Meachem, who should go 12-20 area

HireLurts: How about Okoye to replace an aging Pat Williams?

adamcaplan: HI: Outside shot there, but they have to get an impact player at #7 who can start

canadavike2: Anyway, we pack our 2 3rds after trade with Miami to move up for Steve Smith

medlynn: I would rather see them go 3-13 next year and get some really good talent to go with this year's 7 or lower than just get a bunch of "OK" guys and get back to 8-8 or maybe just maybe 9-7

VIKINGGAMER: To what do you accredit the Vikings inability to get picks in time in previous years, seems that they are not prepared.

adamcaplan: VI: The head coach

Tyr: Adam, where do you think Quinn will go?

adamcaplan: TY: Miami

Rattz67: Would Arizona be interested in Bryant McKinnie and a pick for Larry Fitzgerald? Then the Vikes could draft a 0LT.

adamcaplan: RAT: lol

kajjansiblackmamba: I take that as a no

adamcaplan: Everyone knows that McKinnie shouldn't have been re-signed. He is what he is.

canadavike2: Is Randy Moss really gonna pack cheese?

adamcaplan: CAN: Could be, but depends what they do at #16

Rattz67: Overpaid and underachieving...

VIKINGGAMER: Packers can't afford Mossy, like most others!

NorthernVike: Do you think that safeties are more or less important when you run a cover 2 defence?

adamcaplan: NO: IND cover-2 is a little different so we will have to see how Frazier does his

HireLurts: Mewelde Moore, possibly trade bait if Peterson still available at #7

adamcaplan: HI: One doesn't have to do with the other. Moore is in trouble, let's put it that way. I asked Childress about him at the owners meetings, he wasn't exactly high on him.

zer0effect: Adam, what are your thoughts on Jason Hill? I think the kid might be good.

adamcaplan: ZER: Good Senior Bowl week practices. Third round maybe.

canadavike2: Could Aaron Ross be a fit for our defense?

adamcaplan: CAN: Yes

canadavike2: Love that pick, but where in the first?

NorthernVike: How do you rate the combines stats vs, being productive in college?

adamcaplan: NO: Depends on the player and position. But teams will go off of film mostly. RB Chris Henry situation has some wondering after the combine and it's my understanding the Vikings like him.

VIKINGGAMER: Wouldn't that be great if Culpepper could rejoin Moss in Oakland!

Tyr: Is Daymeion Hughes an option for the Vikes in the third or will he be gone by the time our third-round pick comes up?

adamcaplan: TYR: Teams are mixed on him

redrhino84: Will the Redskins keep their pick, or will Buffalo or some other team trade up with them and snipe Peterson right before us?

adamcaplan: RED: They are likely to trade out or the pick for a player

medlynn: Tarvaris Jackson is their developmental / starter

zer0effect: I would love Sidney Rice and/or Jason Hill at WR. I like Tim Crowder though at DE or Moss at DE. Second round is going to be tough unless we can trade for more picks.

adamcaplan: ZER: Rice doesn't run well. Crowder isn't a bad option for depth. They may get extra picks.

Rattz67: What will the Vikings target on day 2 of the draft?

adamcaplan: RAT: WR depth. OL depth. DL depth.

HireLurts: Kiper has really been speculating the Vikes trading up to #6 to grab Quinn if he falls. Would they really do this?

adamcaplan: HI: I doubt it. It would make the Jackson selection bad last year. Look at what they did to get him.

VIKINGGAMER: Adam, why do you think it is that most fans and writers can see the obvious when Vikings management cannot? Is it egos getting in the way?

adamcaplan: VI: It's hard to see what they are doing, but give them the benefit of the doubt.

vikingheros: What happens if Quinn falls to us? Pick him or trade down?

adamcaplan: VI: Trade down or take someone else

knthawk98: Which WR are they looking at on the 2nd day?

adamcaplan: They don't have a starting WR now

redrhino84: Out of Anthony Gonzalez, Craig Davis, Sidney Rice, Steve Smith, and Dwayne Jarrett, which WR should we take in the 2nd round?

adamcaplan: RED: Jarrett, Davis, and Smith are all solid there.

Rattz67: Who will start on the right side of the line?

adamcaplan: RAT: Ask me as we get closer to camp. The draft hasn't even happened yet.

medlynn: I see T.J. as a Aaron Brooks. Tell me I'm wrong

adamcaplan: MED: Better attitude for one thing.

Rattz67: Good point -are you ready for the draft to be done!

adamcaplan: RAT: Yes

adamcaplan: BTW, I'm hosting a pre-draft show on Sirius tomorrow night from 7-10 pm CST, channel 124

adamcaplan: PA and Dubay on Friday, 10:20 CST AM

HireLurts: Assuming the Vikes get a starting WR in the draft, who else lines up as a starter out of the 9 remaining WRs on the roster (also assuming Bobby Wade is in the slot)

adamcaplan: HI: That is yet to be determined. They have all UDFAs except for Troy Williamson and Billy McMullen. Billy Mac was Mr. Training Camp with the Eagles

VIKINGGAMER: Adam, with all the garbage that off season trouble that players get into, and the Vikings are the butt of many jokes because of it, what would YOU do to curb the offenses?

adamcaplan: VI: We don't have enough time to get into it.

VIKINGGAMER: But you agree we seem to have a problem more so than other teams right?

adamcaplan: VI: No

canadavike2: I saw Williamson in an Isotoner glove commercial

adamcaplan: CA: He's not part of the good hands people.

Tyr: Do you think there is any hope for Williamson or could he be done with the Vikings if he doesn't get his game together this year?

adamcaplan: TY: Yes, if what he did at the Nike center helped. Let's see what happens.

canadavike2: Williamson did get open lots!

adamcaplan: CA: I know. That's the funny thing: he left about 500 yards on the field at least. 4-5 TDs too

Tyr: Adam, which receiver do you think has the biggest chance to bust this year? My vote would be for Ted Ginn.

medlynn: Nance looked good at the end of the year.

adamcaplan: MED: He did well during Senior Bowl practices a few years ago, but doesn't run well. Childress told me they are working on his speed in some different ways.

Proudhorn: Adam, how would NE DE Adam Carriker do in our D scheme?

adamcaplan: PR: He would be fine. He can play inside too

medlynn: I can't wait to see Dovonte Edwards back next year

adamcaplan: MED: Look for them to sign a journeyman CB at some point to challenge for nickel role.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what DEs do you see falling into the 2nd round?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Crowder for sure.

purplepeopleeaters: Adam, don't you think the Vikes need to draft a face for the team like Peterson, Johnson or Quinn and not a player like Anderson or Landry, even though they are good players

adamcaplan: PU: They need to draft the BPA there.

canadavike2: If you picked for us who would it be? Anyone besides CJ or Russell?

adamcaplan: CAN: Depends who is there, but I'd go Peterson if he's the best. But not Quinn. Johnson won't be there.

canadavike2: You and PA are negative on Quinn here. Why can't a 2nd Round Tarvaris be a great backup?

adamcaplan: CAN: You're missing the point, they gave up something to trade up to get him and they then would abandon him? Why?

canadavike2: Almost a 3rd

purplepeopleeaters: I`m praying foe Peterson

zer0effect: With Napoleon Harris gone now, what do you think we will be doing at MLB or do we need to with E.J. Henderson most likely playing MLB?

adamcaplan: ZER: They could sign a veteran for depth.

vikingheros: Could we see Gaines Adams falling to #7?

adamcaplan: VI: Outside shot.

Tyr: I noticed that Anderson seems to be anywhere from 6 to 21 in most mocks, has he solidified himself as a top 10 pick again or would only be a top 10 choice if a team elected to reach to fill a need?

adamcaplan: TY: It's a bad year for DEs so he has more value than most think.

Rattz67: Who is your biggest sleeper in the draft at any position?

adamcaplan: RAT: Jake Bender-OLT and WR Jacoby Jones could be a nice late rounder.

zer0effect: Any suggestions on who might be available at MLB as a vet?

adamcaplan: ZER: We'll update the best FAs list next week

Tyr: I just think the second-tier ends like Crowder and Spencer are better fits for Minnesota.

adamcaplan: TY: Spencer may go to a 3-4 team earlier. That's the issue there.

Tyr: True, but he would also be a good edge rusher for a Cover 2 team?

adamcaplan: TY: Jarvis Moss is a solid pick for them in the second if he makes it, but he probably won't.

zer0effect: Thanks Adam, it's great you do this

adamcaplan: ZE: I like the Viking fans

thb33: I still don't understand the trade up to get Jackson when they could have picked him outright instead of Ryan Cook and then most likely gotten Cook later without giving up anything. That's what makes me question decision-making.

adamcaplan: TH: They felt some other team wanted him so they have to give him a real shot and I believe they will.

redrhino84: What do you think about DE Victor Abiamri of Notre Dame?

adamcaplan: RED: Tweener. Second rounder

HireLurts: It's time the Vikes take a speed/tweener, someone pegged for a 3-4 and let him rush the passer....Kearse, Freeney, etc

Tyr: Adam, are there any "surprise" moves that you could see the Vikings pull off this weekend?

adamcaplan: TY: Not based on their game plan

adamcaplan: Someone would have to drop

canadavike2: Does Amobi remind you of Dwight Freeney?

adamcaplan: CAN: Nope

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's your opinion on Jarrett? He seems to be falling down the draft boards.

adamcaplan: KAJ: Tremendous ball skills but doesn't run well. That's why he may drop out of the first round. That would be great.

HireLurts: Not suited for the WCO then?

adamcaplan: CAN: They play two different positions. You want your lead WR to be a little faster

adamcaplan: So he could be a #2 WR

HireLurts: Dwayne Bowe?

adamcaplan: HI: He's better and he runs better. Very physical and good RAC

medlynn: If I remember, Cris Carter wasn't very fast

adamcaplan: Carter was very smart and understood how to play in space

Rattz67: Other than Calvin Johnson, do you consider the other top 5 WR's true #1's?

adamcaplan: RAT: Meachem, Bowe, but that may be it.

canadavike2: What about Todd Lowber?

adamcaplan: CAN: Funny story on him, but he could get on practice squad because he's big and fast.

zer0effect: Do you think we may go after a couple WR's like 2nd and 3rd or 2nd and maybe later?

adamcaplan: ZER: If they get an extra first day, yes, they may get two WRs on first day.

canadavike2: Chilly would be a genius trading DC, signing this guy if he works

adamcaplan: CAN: Give him a shot. He's very athletic

canadavike2: are you PUMPED for Visanthe Shiancoe

adamcaplan: Childress was very excited when I talked to him about it last month

Rattz67: What do you like most about your job?

adamcaplan: RAT: Perks and the women

canadavike2: booya

Rattz67: Nice!

adamcaplan: But most of them have mustaches. That's the problem.

VIKINGGAMER: Seems my previous question was too deep. How about this one Adam: When it comes to game day, what team are you looking forward to each Sunday?

adamcaplan: VI: I'm not a fan so I don't care. That left me years ago. But as far as the job, I like the travel part of it.

Rattz67: Who was your fav team?

adamcaplan: RAT: Was a season ticket holder for 10 years-Eagles

adamcaplan: All: I have to run, later

canadavike2: Thanks.

Tyr: Thank you.

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