NFL Draft Q&A: Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn

Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn isn't concerned with facing Aaron Rodgers syndrome. He believes he is the best quarterback coming into the NFL draft and cites his reasons to us. Five teams have visited with him and all reside in the top ten.

Quinn met with the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Raiders have reportedly contacted his representatives about what it would take to sign the Notre Dame signal caller.

Did you get a chance to really experience the Senior Bowl given the knee injury?

Brady Quinn: Really, I was just down there that Sunday and Monday. I got to talk to some teams but that was about it. I didn't get a chance to experience it at all. The biggest thing for me was coming back and making sure I was training and being productive. I didn't want to be watching from the sidelines the whole time. That wasn't as important as staying in shape and working towards my goals.

How has Athlete's Performance been aiding your development? Having been out to each of the facilities I can attest to the strange drills they put you through. Did you wonder if it would help when you first arrived?

Brady Quinn: The place from top to bottom does a great job of preparing every athlete they have. The nutrition, making sure the players are staying on top of their game mentally. I was working with Coach Terry Shea twice a day, going over reads, coverages, drops, and keeping in football shape.

It is interesting. Once you go through their core 101 you get a better understanding of why you do it. It is actually extremely intelligent the way they handle everything. The core is where everything starts at. It is what helps transfer that energy from lower body to upper body and back and forth when you are doing any exercise. Once you get used to it you start to see results and that is when you believe.

What separates you from the rest of the quarterback class this year?

Brady Quinn: There is no other quarterback prepared for the NFL game as I have been over the last couple of years. Coach Weiss was a godsend. He brought an NFL style offense to Notre Dame and put a lot of responsibility on me – the onus of the offense on my back. He allowed me to play through those games week in and week out and allowed me to go out and do my thing, as any other pro quarterback would.

When you first arrived at Notre Dame you made it a point to call all your receivers and arrived on campus early – does that suggest you can come in and lead an NFL team immediately?

Brady Quinn: I think I am the type of person that whatever I do I am going to take ownership of. I am going to give everything I have and everyone who was involved is going to give their best effort. When coach Willingham was there, something he talked about when I was a freshman was surround yourself with good people – people that want the same thing you do. At that point in time, I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page – everyone wanted to strive and win a National Championship, beat those big teams that we play year in and year out.

Do you feel it is better to sit a year or two, like a Philip Rivers, or to start right away like David Carr?

Brady Quinn: I don't know. I am not going to try and answer that question not knowing the situation I am going to be in. I know this much, whatever situation I do enter into I feel like I was introduced to kind of both. When I first came in as a freshman I kind of sat behind a quarterback for a little bit so I was introduced to that a little and learned how to be a backup, learning how to take mental reps and making sure you are staying on top of things even though you are not getting the same amount of reps, you are still developing. But I eventually took over the role of the starter and learned how to practice as a starter, take over the team – take that leadership role.

You aren't known for your escape-ability per se but during your freshman season the hounds were always chasing you and I think you were only sacked 13 times. Is there a trigger in your head that goes off?

Brady Quinn: I think the biggest thing is I came in physically prepared for the college game. I wanted to make sure that even though there were times were there would be pressure and things would break down that I was still able to get outside the pocket and make plays and not take sacks. I know how important that is to certain drives and how it does end up affecting an offense. It makes it harder to come out of a hole.

Is there something specific you expect to work on when you get into camp?

Brady Quinn: Right now, I am working on everything. I am a firm believer in fundamentals – the little things that people often overlook. Footwork is huge and an essential part of throwing. Motion and moving around in the pocket on your drops – stepping and throwing and making sure your foot placement is on key. I am sticking to the fundamentals – all the things that have taken me to where I am at now.

Does it seem like these three months are more important than your collegiate career?

Brady Quinn: I don't want to say that. I think when you look at the sum of body of work over a period of time it tells you how they adapt to the system – or two different systems like I did. I think there is no way you can replace that. I really don't feel like there is a good comparison between the two. Even now, when you go testing it is a different type of running or throwing. It is getting your body ready for that short, quick burst or when you go throw, you are not going to throw with a whole offense and barking out – the whole mental part of the game. You are literally working on those minute details, like your drop and throwing a ball to your wide receivers.

What current NFL player or players do you compare favorably to?

Brady Quinn: As a kid coming out of college right now, I can't compare myself right now. People have mentioned I am along the likes of a Tom Brady-type quarterback and that is obviously flattering given the success he has had in the NFL. Hopefully, if I am of the same mold it is probably a good thing based on what he has done.

What is an NFL team getting when they select Brady Quinn?

Brady Quinn: I think the biggest thing for me is an overall great leader. Someone who is a sure, positive investment. When you talk about the NFL, it is a business. I am someone who is so passionate about the game of football. I want it to be my life. That is why I have gotten to this point. I try and make it something that is going to be my career. My passion, my work ethic and my leadership come second to none.

What do you look forward to the most in the NFL?

Brady Quinn: I think competing against some of the greats you grew up watching and now you are going to be playing against. The guys you looked at and said, ‘Wow, look how great he is.' And now you are going to line up across from them on Sundays. I am looking forward to the world's greatest all playing in one league.

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