Relaxing 'The Freak'

Mike Tice says Randy Moss has done everything the team has asked of him as a leader. However, a recent report on ESPN and quotes from Cris Carter indicate that it hasn't been without some effort.

In a feature on Randy Moss during ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show on Sept. 8, the all-sports network reported the Vikings sent their star receiver to anger-management counseling after fining him $15,000 for a run-in with corporate sponsors after a loss at Philadelphia last season.

According to the report by Andrea Kremer, former coach Dennis Green made the move to "placate" Vikings owner Red McCombs. Moss attended four of the sessions.

"I think they wanted to do that first off to get it out to the world that they are trying to control me, which they are not," Moss told Kremer.

And what came of it?

"Nothing. A whole lot of nothing," Moss said. "The one thing that me and the guy did talk about was relaxing. Like, for instance, coming off the field after a loss, I get carried away with maybe some words or things like that. But the main thing I really got out of a whole month of counseling was relaxing. That's about it. Nothing else."

Moss also was asked about being snubbed from the Pro Bowl last season for the first time in his four-year career, although he had a career-high 82 catches.

"I think it was wrong," he said. "I think that if you watch football, you are a football fan, you don't even have to be a Randy Moss, you don't even have to be a Viking fan. You be a football fan, you know why Moss didn't make it. You put that into your head, you figure that out for yourself."

Moss was making reference to the fact his "I play when I want" statement had everybody's ears.

Asked about the comment, Moss replied: "When I said that it might have come out the wrong way, but I've been trying in a sense to try to reword that … what I really meant. It just made me feel bad for all that coming out."

Carter on Moss
Former Vikings receiver Cris Carter told the New York Times he expects coach Mike Tice will be more openly critical of Moss than Green was.

"I think he'll take a hands-on approach with Randy that Coach Green didn't," Carter said. "I think Mike will say things if Randy does something, say things publicly that Coach Green would only say privately."

Carter did not mention whether he thought that would motivate Moss, but Carter did say he expects big things from his former teammate. "I think he's ready to take over," Carter said. "There are certain times that he's going to get some different looks, but I think he'll step up to the challenge."

Carter, however, predicts this will be a "tough year" for the Vikings. "In sports, everyone thinks that every player is replaceable, but that's not accurate," he said. "Internally, things are not the same. Everyone tries to take the high road and say, ‘We'll be a better team,' and ‘Everything is going to be great,' but they're going to struggle. They just don't have the talent to match up."

Carter is now serving as an analyst for HBO's "Inside the NFL" and also is the new national director of fitness for the Sports Authority stores. According to the Times, that means he will travel to Boys' and Girls' Clubs around the country and speak about health and nutrition.

He does not express any regrets about his career.

"The last two or three years, I knew I was retiring," Carter said. "I'm not sitting around. It's not that I don't have anything to do. I was very satisfied with my career, and I realized that I couldn't be any better as a player, train any harder or eat any better. I had maximized my talent. That means a lot."

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