Bills Fear Moss

Don't let the tough talk fool you. VU has been told that the Bills' preparation for the Vikings is keyed on stopping Randy Moss. Whether that works -- or if the rest of the offense scraps that plan -- will play out Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills may be talking tough, but VU has learned they have a fear that is pretty serious. It can be summed up in two words – Randy Moss.
On Friday, VU was contacted by a Bills source asking if Moss has done anything differently in the off-season. When asked why, we were told that practices for the defense have been designed to double-team Moss at every turn and "make the rest of them beat us."
This is a far cry from the "through media" exchange that came earlier this week, when the Bills claimed they would blitz and leave CBs Antoine Winfield and Nate Clements single covering the wide receivers.

Don't buy that for a minute. Look for the Vikings to use Moss as a decoy early and, once the defense has to respect the rest of the offense, take their shots deep.

If he doesn't know it already, Mike Tice should be aware that the Bills have two goals in mind – winning and stopping Randy Moss. And the best of it for the Vikes is that it may not be in that order.

* As it stands now, it looks like the Vikings are going to use the dreaded RB by committee approach. While successful vs. Chicago, many question whether it can work long-term. The plan as it stands now is to get Michael Bennett 15-20 carries a game and Moe Williams and Doug Chapman 5-10 carries each. That may sound good in principle, but, if Bennett gets off to a good start, expect to see that plan scrapped quickly. Rhythm and continuity mean more than applying a set number of carries to specific backs.
* The Vikes are placing a lot of stock in players that weren't with the team last year to make the defense work. When asked who were the key players to help improve the Vikings defense, VU was told four players – Greg Biekert, Corey Chavous, Henri Crockett and Ronnie Bradford – none of whom were with the team last year.
* The Bills are very concerned about their special teams. Defensively, a team hopes to keep an opponent under 300 yards total offense to assure a win. Last week vs. the Jets, the Bills allowed almost 300 yards in kick returns.
* The Bills blitzed often vs. the Jets in the season opener. But, to do that against the Vikings will mean that, if he makes the right reads, Daunte Culpepper will have multiple receivers (even if not Moss) in single coverage – which could lead to long touchdowns for the Vikings Sunday.

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