Peterson Surgery Questions Persist

The Vikings are heading into their first post-draft minicamp with their rookies in tow, this weekend being just for rookies and tryout players. And while most eyes are typically on the first-round pick, this year is more focused with all of the rumors circulating around Adrian Peterson and the potential that he might need surgery on his shoulder/collarbone.

For most of his first weekend as a professional, Adrian Peterson was dogged with the same question – would he have surgery to repair his injured collarbone? With reports ranging from he was 90 percent healed to those saying that he would need a titanium rod inserted into the collarbone to keep it stable, the Peterson saga has been more about his medical history than his history of making explosive plays on the field.

We'll find out Friday which of the reports is closer to being accurate as the Vikings rookies open their post-draft minicamp at Winter Park. Peterson will be front center and most likely the object of most of the attention. He claimed on draft day that he is ready to go, although rumors persist that he will require some form of surgery.

The good news side of the bad news version of the story is that, even if Peterson would require a surgical procedure, VU was told over the weekend by someone with knowledge to the situation that the rehab time would be about six weeks – not the three or four months that has been reported nationally.

The fact that Vikings insiders are even discussing the possibility of Peterson going under the knife is troubling, but not something that should result in panic. This is a team that clearly thinks through all potential options and looks at the best-case and worst-case scenarios before making decisions.

Is Peterson 100 percent? Maybe we'll get a better idea this weekend.

* The Randy Moss saga continues as it has been reported that he might make as little as $3 million with the Patriots this year and, even though his contract didn't call for much, quarterback Tom Brady agreed to restructure his deal to help make Moss fit. He promised the Moss of old to be on display. Don't bet against it.
* The Vikings will be bringing in East Stroudsburg (Pa.) quarterback Jimmy Terwilliger, who is the owner of the all-time NCAA touchdown passing record with 148 TDs, as part of their rookie camp this weekend. Here's hoping he won't be listed as a wide receiver on the team website.
* With the State Senate approving the first step to legalizing medical marijuana, perhaps troubled Michael Vick would consider signing with the Vikings if things with him an the Falcons go south. While he isn't getting chemotherapy, the Minnesota bill includes persistent and chronic pain and Vick has a lot of pain in his life – and an empty water bottle.

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