Taylor Pleas Out

Former Viking Travis Taylor had his day in court Wednesday, reaching a plea agreement to bring an end to his disorderly conduct charges from a New Year's morning incident in downtown Minneapolis.

Former Vikings wide receiver Travis Taylor, who had been admonished "don't be the guy" by head coach Brad Childress, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of disorderly conduct stemming from a New Year's incident outside a Twin Cities nightclub.

Taylor was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and had a 90-day jail sentence stayed. As part of the plea agreement, two additional charges were dropped, Taylor must perform 48 hours of community service and, if he has a repeat offense within the next year, the 90-day sentence will be re-imposed and served.

Under the new personal conduct policy the league has put in place, Taylor might be subject to a one-game suspension. As of now, he remains a free agent that hasn't signed on with another team. It's unclear whether any teams were waiting to see how his case would resolve itself before making an offer.

The incident in question happened at 3 a.m. on New Year's Day in the hours following the Vikings' season-ending loss to the Rams. Officers used a taser on Taylor to subdue him after an altercation broke out.

* There's a rumors making the rounds that Brady Quinn, who fell like a stone down a well on draft day last Saturday, is looking to fire agent Tom Condon, who, along with Ben Dogra, also represent Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.
* In a radio interview Wednesday, Brad Childress said Erasmus James' 2007 season – or at least the start of it – is somewhat uncertain as he attempts to return from a torn ACL that cut his 2006 season short.
* The Vikings signed Maryland defensive tackle Conrad Bolston to a free agent deal.

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