Draft Audio Review: CB Marcus McCauley

A poor senior season for his team and even himself probably cost cornerback Marcus McCauley a higher selection in the draft. Hear what he and the Vikings had to say about that and several other issues surrounding McCauley and his talents on draft weekend.

Had he entered the NFL draft a year earlier, cornerback Marcus McCauley might have been drafted before the Vikings selected Cedric Griffin in the second round. McCauley entered the 2006 season as one of the top-rated cornerbacks, but a poor season for Fresno State resulted in McCauley's status on the team and among draft valuations to fall.

"I can't really go back and change anything. I mean, things played out the way they did," McCauley said of the disappointing 2006 season. "A lot of the people are discussing my great athletic ability. Maybe I tried to overdo things this year because our team was struggling. I definitely learned a lesson from it, just about doing your job and when the team is struggling you just got to stick to what you do and not try to do other people's job."

After his selection, McCauley told reporters in a conference call about his previous contact with the Vikings, discussed further his lackluster 2006 season, his strengths as a cornerback, how his skills match the Vikings' needs and a key figure between him and the Vikings. Hear McCauley talk about all of that in his own words with our draft audio review from his conference call:

From the Vikings' standpoint, McCauley's physical style of play had a lot to do with their attraction to him.

"We're happy to add McCauley, a big corner that can run – we put a premium on those guys," head coach Brad Childress said. "Physical enough to stick a knife in a sweep, play bump and run, and hang on your hip and cover. I think he was a 4.4 guy at the combine."

Childress and vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman also talked about McCauley's senior season and why it may have played out the way it did. Hear what they had to say:

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