Favre Wants Out?

Could the unthinkable be true that Brett Favre wants out of Green Bay? After a couple of years of re-thinking retirement and getting little to no offensive help in free agency by the team, Favre is carping that he still wants to play, but not necessarily in Green Bay.

Is there trouble in Packerland? If the persistent rumors are true, there may be more truth than fiction to the continuing stories that Brett Favre might want out of Green Bay.

While it seems absurd that a Hall of Famer who is so synonomous with a franchise as Favre is with the Packers would even consider playing somewhere else, it really shouldn't be all that fantastic. Joe Montana didn't end his career playing for the 49ers. Joe Namath didn't finish with the Jets. Johnny Unitas didn't finish with the Colts. Things happen and it sounds like Favre is serious when he says he wants out.

The biggest problem with buying into that possibility, which refuses to die, is that a team that would trade for Favre would have to have the salary cap room to afford his $10 million contract and a quarterback situation that would be up in the air so a veteran like Favre could step in and make an impact immediately. One of the few teams that could do that is the Vikings and it seems like no chance that the Packers would cut a deal with the Vikings to send their hero across the state border.

It is a nice thought on Mother's Day that Favre could be headed west to close out his career. But this isn't Easter and a bunny didn't hide eggs in the backyard, so we're not holding our breath.

* Favre wasn't kidding when he thought the Packers deal to get Randy Moss was all but assured. In the weeks prior to the draft, he had told a couple of reporters that it was "100 percent sure" that Moss would be playing with the Vikings. However, it didn't happen and the word out of Green Bay is that Packers wouldn't give up a fourth-round pick to get him – something the Patriots were willing to do. Favre also said that Moss was willing to restructure his deal similar to what he ended up doing with the Patriots. * Former Vikings personnel man Fran Foley is back in the news as a candidate for the player personnel director with the Raiders. If Foley was as volatile as some at Winter Park have made it sound, how would he fare working for a control freak like Al Davis? The fun would never end.
* From the Things Could Be Worse Department, Al Gore warned the Cardinals about global warming, but even though we haven't even approached the heat of summer, at their minicamp this weekend, temps topped out at more than 100 degrees.

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