Randy Moss continues to be a source of controversy and offseason chatter around the NFL. He could end up being the undoing of the Packers, which, in many ways, would be a win-win situation for the Vikings even if his days in Minnesota are growing blurry in the rear-view mirror.

One question that has been quietly discussed since about the end of the 2003 NFL season is whether Randy Moss is a Hall of Famer or not? Any serious Vikings fan knows the answer to that question – yes.

Perhaps the reason the Vikings have never "recycled" the No. 84 since Moss left was that they know the truth – nobody should ever wear that number again. Why? For the same reason nobody for the 49ers has been issued No. 80 or No. 16. You can't match what the previous owner did.

Somewhere in between Pac Man's latest transgression and Michael Vick's most recent culpable cousin, Moss has found a way to grab the headlines once again. The tempest in a teapot that has become the latest round in the Brett Favre vs. retirement saga is centered around Moss. Favre threw the organizational machine of the Pack under the bus for two reasons – he can (first and foremost) and he should.

Favre has become the talk of the weekend for making statements about the difference he felt Moss could make to a team that he, in a best-case scenario, would be with for two more years. Tops. His annual hostage-taking was allayed this spring because he was convinced the team was going to give him a supporting cast that would make it worthwhile to return. The team blinked on Ahman Green and lost. They blinked on Moss and lost. They underestimated the Bills' resolve to have a go-to running back and lost.

Favre has become the Roger Clemens of the NFL. Any chance of Favre's trade request being granted? Very likely not. But the point he makes is legit. The Packers had a chance to get a difference-maker for a Day 2 pick in the NFL draft. The Vikings got better than that in a trade with the Broncos so they could take a player that likely was one of the 90 players given the "red dot" treatment by the Vikings. Does Favre have the right to dictate to management? Yes he does. Why? Because he's Brett Favre. It might not make sense, but it is what it is. He can command that respect because he's earned it.

Because Moss now plays for the Patriots likely means that Vikings fans will never have to see him play at the Metrodome as a visitor and that is good thing – it seemed all but assured seeing as both the Raiders and Packers were on the 2007 home slate. But his absence has created a furor so big that news like the Seahawks removing the "poison pill" from Nate Burleson's contract is buried among NFL news.

Will Favre get traded? No. Has Moss created bad will between him and the team hierarchy? Yes. While Vikings fans will have to endure Favre twice more for another year, this latest malaise could be the fast track to the end of the Favre era in Green Bay. There's no down side to that for Vikings fans. And who do we have to thank? Good old No. 84.

That's poetic justice.

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