Draft Audio Review: Tyler Thigpen

As a predraft visitor to Winter Park, Tyler Thigpen wasn't a complete surprise as a seventh-round draft pick, but Thigpen, Brad Childress and Rick Spielman explained the components surrounding their selection of the developmental quarterback.

Quarterback Tyler Thigpen was among the 28 players the Vikings invited to Winter Park for a predraft visit, but that didn't ensure his selection on draft weekend.

The small-school Coastal Carolina product had to wait through six rounds of the draft before the Vikings selected him in the seventh round, but just getting an opportunity in the NFL was a big step for a player who admitted he didn't take his football career as seriously as maybe should have until his senior season in college.

"I always wanted to have high expectations and at least say I was going to go in the draft," Thigpen said after being selected. "I'm definitely excited by this opportunity I have in front of me. The opportunity that Minnesota has given me to come up there and show my talent, I'm excited about that."

Thigpen also talked about which other NFL teams were showing an interest in him, how he will fit into the Vikings' system, why he struggled with his completion percentage before his senior season, the versatility he showed in high school and making the jump from Coastal Carolina to the NFL. Hear it all in this audio segment:

From the Vikings' perspective, they felt going after a developmental quarterback in the seventh round was the way to go since it eliminated a post-draft bidding war on undrafted free agents. And they think Thigpen has some strong possibilities, starting with his throwing arm.

"I'm not going to say he's explosive, but he has an explosive arm," head coach Brad Childress said. "I like him as well as anybody. They haven't played football a long time down there, but he can throw the football and he can move around and create plays with his feet as well."

Childress and Spielman explained what else they saw in Thigpen, why he might have struggled prior to his senior season and other issues surrounding their drafting of him.

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