Taylor Follows Moss...Again

When the Vikings traded Randy Moss, Travis Taylor was brought in as part of the contingent expected to replace him. Two years later, Moss has again been traded and Taylor continues to swim in his wake -- this time with the Oakland Raiders.

Call it déjà vu or coincidence – either one will probably work. But the career path of Travis Taylor took a familiar turn Tuesday.

Taylor, a former first-round draft pick of the Ravens, came to the Vikings in 2005 after the team traded away Randy Moss and was looking for a veteran receiver to go along with their inexperienced receiver corps. Two years later, Taylor and Moss remain linked – whether intentional or not.

On draft weekend, the Raiders made a big splash by trading away Moss to the Patriots for a fourth-round draft pick. So who did they sign to replace him? The same guys the Vikings did.

Taylor spent almost three months on the open market and, while many wide receivers were signed and people questioned what direction the Vikings would go, Taylor remained unsigned. That was until Tuesday when he hooked on with the Raiders. The Raiders struck a sound business deal from their perspective – Taylor signed a one-year deal for the veteran minimum of $720,000 with no signing bonus. Because of league rules that favor keeping veteran players around, the cap hit to Oakland for signing Taylor is just $435,000 – making him almost a "no-risk" signing.

While Taylor fell out of favor with the Vikings despite being a leading receiver, he again has a chance to reclaim his career. But considering the state of the Raiders at this point of the franchise's demise, it may not be so pleasant for T-2. But, at least he has finally found work again.

* Whether a sign of things to come or not, second-year defensive end Ray Edwards spent most of Tuesday's practice with the first team, ahead of last year's starter Kenechi Udeze.
* There continues to be chatter about Antoine Winfield's absence from the team's offseason workout program. Brad Childress was asked several questions about Winfield, but opted out of speculating if Winfield is angry for some reason and wants out. Childress did say that he has spoken to Winfield since the end of the season and he has not said anything to him about wanting a trade. He added that, as far as he knows, nobody in the organization has been approached by Winfield or his representatives seeking a trade.
* Guard Steve Hutchinson didn't take part in Tuesday's practice, but his whereabouts were well known. He was in Ann Arbor, Mich., attending a charity golf tournament.
* Undrafted rookie tight end Braden Jones suffered a finger injury on his left hand during practice Tuesday. The extent of the injury isn't being reported at this time.

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