Trade Rumors Bogus

Questions and rumors persist around the options the Vikings have with holdout offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, including one brought to VU's attention today. Fact is, the Vikings have very few options.

VU got a call from a Cleveland connection on Wednesday about a rumor regarding unsigned rookie offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie. The rumor went like this: The Vikings sign McKinnie and trade him to Cleveland for defensive end Courtney Brown before the October 15 trading deadline.

Not going to happen. Why? Teams can't trade rookies — no matter if they are signed, unsigned, drafted or free agents. Trading McKinnie or his rights is simply not an option, according to a Vikings source.

So the Vikings are left to either sign McKinnie by Nov. 12 in order to use his services this year, wait until after that date to sign him for his services in 2003 or simply lose his rights by not signing him before the 2003 draft.

So goes the continuing Vikings saga at offensive tackle.

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