Pepp Done In Miami?

The Miami Dolphins announced a trade for QB Trent Green (pending a physical) Tuesday that likely has brought to an end the Daunte Culpepper Era in Miami and puts his long-term NFL future into question as he is likely to be released before too long.

The Daunte Culpepper saga took another new twist and turn Tuesday, as the much-anticipated trade that would bring Trent Green to the Dolphins came through. While Green still needs to pass a physical to make the trade official, it's expected that will happen today. When it does, the questions surrounding the future of Pepp in the NFL will take yet another turn.

Two years ago at this time, Culpepper was coming off a solid season and there were high expectations despite the trading of Randy Moss following the 2004 season. Without Moss, Culpepper struggled and had one of the worst seasons of his career. Then on a designed running play that worked to perfection, Culpepper ran 20 yards on a QB draw and took a shot to the knee that has forever changed his career.

Three torn ligaments and two major surgeries later, there is the belief that Pepp will never be the same. While it's unclear whether the Dolphins are going to keep Culpepper, try to trade him or simply release him, the trading for Green can only be viewed one way – the Dolphins' executive decision that Culpepper doesn't have it and that, despite giving up just a second-round pick, he was a bust for the Dolphins.

While this likely won't be the last chapter in the Culpepper saga, it is perhaps the saddest in a series of sad chapters that have ensued since the day his knee went "pop" against the Panthers.

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