Draft Pick Update

The Vikings have two draft picks signed. How does that compare with the rest of the league, and which of the unsigned picks have been making a significant contribution?

As the first week of June has ended, there are now 33 draft choices that have signed contracts in the NFL. Twelve teams account for those 33 players, with Chicago (7), Miami (6) and Philadelphia (5) totaling 18 of the 33.

Other teams with signed picks are San Francisco (3); Green Bay, Jacksonville, Minnesota and Pittsburgh (2) and Carolina, Kansas City, Oakland and San Diego (1).

The highest picks signed are a group of six third-rounders: Miami running back Lorenzo Booker (3/71), Philadelphia linebacker Stewart Bradley (3/87), Green Bay safety Aaron Rouse (3/89), Philadelphia running back Tony Hunt (3/90), Chicago running back Garrett Wolfe (3/93) and Chicago linebacker Michael Okwo (3/94).

The Vikings have signed two of their seventh-round picks, wide receiver Chandler Williams and quarterback Tyler Thigpen, leaving six more picks – running back Adrian Peterson, wide receiver Sidney Rice, cornerback Marcus McCauley, defensive end Brian Robison, wide receiver Aundrae Allison and linebacker Rufus Alexander – left to sign.

Head coach Brad Childress said Friday that he doesn't anticipate any problems signing the draft picks, including the seventh overall selection, Peterson.

"(Vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski) does a great job with that. I'm sure we'll give him what's fair," Childress said.

Peterson and Rice are expected to make the most significant contribution of the team's draft picks this year. Team's first two picks have received some time with the first-team offense on different occasions during offseason practices, and cornerback Marcus McCauley, their third-round pick, has also played with the first-defense in Antoine Winfield's absence this past week.

The Vikings have $4.84 million allocated in their rookie salary pool this year.

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