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>Frazier identifies keys to Jackson's success

New Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier had an interesting response when asked by KFAN's Mike Morris recently about what he thinks about second-year quarterback Tarvaris Jackson after seeing him in practice every day during minicamps and OTAs.  One would have thought the first thing he would have mentioned would have been his arm strength, or his zip on the ball, or his ability to throw all the passes.  But nooooo.  Frazier latched onto his mobility...and...(drum roll, please)...his ability to read defenses and make pre-snap reads.

"He has a great understanding of defenses," Frazier said.  "He shows a penchant for [making] pre-snap reads and knowing how to attack weaknesses [in the defense].  The ceiling is high for him."

There's no question that indeed the ceiling is high for Tarvaris Jackson, but if Frazier's assessment is accurate in regard to his understanding of pro defenses and his ability to read them, it may explain why head coach Brad Childress seems to have more faith in him than most folks heading into the 2007 season.

Jackson has a lot of natural talent and God-given ability to be very successful at the game of football.  He has the stature, an outstanding arm, sound mechanics, good footspeed and overall athletic ability.  The wild card in his development would seem to be the exact thing Frazier notes as a strength of his even at this early stage in his development as a NFL quarterback. 

>Jackson a tough act to follow at Alabama State
According to the Selma Times-Journal, the departure of Tarvaris Jackson at his Alabama State alma mater sets the bar high for his successor and the coaching staff there. 

>A roundup of supplemental draft prospects
Draft guru John Murphy of Yahoo! Sports takes a closer look at all the potential prospects in the mix for the league's supplemental draft.  The Vikings aren't likely to make a splash in pursuit of any of these players, because in most cases they come with some baggage, and the team is thorough in their scrutiny of what kind of people they bring into the system. 

>Thigpen's jersey number to be the default at alma mater
According to a tidbit at rookie quarterback Tyler Thigpen will have his former jersey number 16 be the new standard on replica Coastal Carolina football jerseys.  Thigpen is the first player ever drafted fromt he program there.

>Former Viking Mike McMahon impresses in CFL debut
Signed by the Vikings after being released by the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback Mike McMahon was a washout in Minnesota during preseason last year.  But not in his debut in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts.  (metronews)

>Peterson makes Top 5 in Minneapolis
The kid hasn't even played a down of football for the Vikings yet, and already he's being mentioned as one of the Top 5 athletes in Minneapolis by Michael Rand in his Fanhouse post.  Adrian Peterson checks in at No. 5 behind four far more proven pro athletes in baseball and football.  People are so in love with Peterson's potential it's ridiculous.

>Peterson's mom a field legend too
According to KLTV in Tyler, Tex., Adrian Peterson's
mother, Bonita Jackson, says her son gets his talent from both sides of the family. But history tends to lean to her favor.  At Palestine Westwood, Bonita was known as the fastest girl in Texas.  In the state track tournament she won gold in the 100 meters, 200 meters, triple jump and long jump her senior year.  Twenty years later, her son Adrian earned the distinction of fastest boy in the state.  The Vikings rookie continues to generate more excitement than any rookie the team has brought in since Randy Moss in 1998. 

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