Holcomb Interested In Vikes?

The rumor mill is always active when a team is more than $20 million under the salary cap and preparing to start a second-year player. Remember back in 2000? Denny Green made a futile run at Dan Marino when he had second thoughts if he wanted to saddle up with Daunte Culpepper. Now Kelly Holcomb's name has come up and he's shown an interest in the Vikings.

Sometimes when you want to start a rumor and make sure it might have legs, go right to the source and get the skinny. That's what our friends at FOX Sports did recently when discussing the Vikings quarterback situation. In a story that gave props to Brad Childress for getting rid of Daunte Culpepper when he did, writer Adam Schein gives Chilly an option for a veteran quarterback to help Tarvaris JacksonKelly Holcomb of the Eagles.

Seeing as Holcomb knows the Eagles' version of the West Coast Offense, which isn't that much different from the version the Vikings run, that alone would be enough to get the rumor mill buzz picking up some steam. But the gang at FOX took it one step farther – they asked Holcomb himself if he would be interested in coming to play with the Vikings. Better yet, he said yes.

"You do think about situations like that," Holcomb said. "Every now and again, you hear some rumblings and rumors about that. I think it makes sense. Coach Childress was a coordinator in Philadelphia. It is the same offense. Obviously the Eagles just drafted Kevin (Kolb) to go with Donovan (McNabb) and A.J. (Feeley). I love the guys in Philadelphia and love the professionalism and Andy Reid and the staff and I'd like to stay. But there is a logjam here and that situation you are describing, with the young talented quarterback in Minnesota, is one I've thought about."

While Childress currently seems to think Brooks Bollinger is the veteran answer, he felt the same way about Mike McMahon last year and that didn't work out. Maybe it isn't too far-fetched to think the team might make a move for Holcomb. If nothing else, at least they know he's interested in coming.

* The Wilf family was the subject of some discussion this week about their political contributions to Minnesota politics, crossing party lines and making contributions to candidates from both the DFL and IR parties. In all, the Wilfs gave $73,000 in political contributions last year. According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, the Wilf family has contributed more than $420,000 to parties, individual candidates and political action committees since 1993.
* The Vikings' long waiting list for season tickets may be a thing of the past. During Saturday's Metro-Outstate High School All-Star Game, several ads ran for the Vikings ticket plan, giving the option for fans to buy half-season, five-game packages – four regular-season and one preseason home game included in each package. How many of these are being made available and how many of them are season tickets that weren't renewed by former season-ticket holders is uncertain, but the 10,000-deep waiting list would seem to be a thing of the past.

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