Campbell Canned

With Daunte Culpepper's career in Miami all but over, it looks like a similar fate for his little buddy Kelly Campbell.

Need any other convincing signs that Daunte Culpepper won't be back with the Dolphins? Look no further than the recent release of Kelly Campbell.

Campbell, a high-energy wide receiver who caught 57 passes, averaged almost 19 yards per catch and had eight touchdowns for the Vikings from 2002-04, has been a personal lap dog for Culpepper, much in the same way Dennis Green always found a way to keep Richard Solomon employed as one of his assistants.

Campbell, who hasn't played in a regular season game since the 2004 season due to leg injuries, was re-signed by the Dolphins in March. He missed all of the 2006 season with a quadriceps injury, but proclaimed himself healthy this spring when he re-signed. However, with Culpepper out of the Dolphins' plans, the role for Campbell suffered a similar blow, since they remain best of friends.

Does Campbell have a future in the NFL? That may depend on where Culpepper ends up.

* Campbell joins fellow former Viking J.T. O'Sullivan on the unemployment line. O'Sullivan, who washed out in a huge way with the Vikings before being released, was signed by the Bears in order to send him to NFL Europa, where he was named Co-MVP and led Frankfurt to the NFLE championship game. However, part of his agreement with Chicago was that, if he didn't have a legitimate shot to make the team, he would be released before the start of training camp. He didn't and he's gone.

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