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Find out what NFL reporter Adam Caplan thinks about the Vikings' offseason moves and who he believes will have the edge in certain training camp battles. subscribers asked and Caplan gave his insights.

adamcaplan: The guesstimate on the supplemental draft: Paul Oliver, rounds 4/5; Chris Patrick, 6/7; Jared Gaither, 5/6.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what's your opinion on the Vikings' draft in April?

adamcaplan: KAJ: They did fine as far as filling needs. Marcus McCauley is seen as a steal by league insiders. But I think they still have problems at WR that weren't solved.

vikingspub: I noticed that you had a Vikings reference in your notes this evening but haven't had a chance to review it. Can you summarize?

adamcaplan: PUB: Just a note in reference to Kevin Curtis.

stevemfpayne: Adam, what's your take on Gaither in the supplemental draft Thursday.

vikingspub: Rick Spielman said that character would be an consideration with guys in the supplemental draft. Do you know the issues surrounding them?

adamcaplan: PUB: Gaither wasn't a good student, so that's an issue. His ability to learn obviously is in question. Patrick's fine with character. Oliver I talked to last weekend; he's very focused on preparation.

vikingspub: What's the scuttlebutt around the league as far as signing draft picks? What are the challenges this year, if anything new?

adamcaplan: PUB: Option bonuses and workout clauses, especially workout stuff. We had some scoop about that last week. Over half of the league is making rookies sign deals that make them have to work out with the team or lose bonus money.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any chance the Vikings take a flyer on either Patrick or Gaither?

stevemfpayne: Do you believe that Gaither, Oliver or Patrick are deserving of one of our third-round picks next year.

adamcaplan: STEVE: Oliver possibly. Problem also is the money goes on this year's rookie cap, so that's another reason why he may not go as high as first thought.

kajjansiblackmamba: So then they don't adjust the rookie pool if you make a supplemental pick?

adamcaplan: KAJ: I brought that up to a top player agent and he said it would have to be collectively bargained.

kajjansiblackmamba: You'd think the NFLPA would push a bit for something like that.

vikingspub: My assumption is that it would count against next year's rookie pool since the draft pick is eliminated from next year's draft.

adamcaplan: PUB: Nope. It's on this year's cap and they lose the pick next year since the draft is over. I agree that it should be on next year's cap, bad rule. Makes no sense, but it is what it is.

stevemfpayne: Very true.

stevemfpayne: Who do you see winning the top 5 or 6 receiver slots on the roster?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Troy Williamson, Billy McMullen, Sidney Rice, Aundrae Allison, Bobby Wade, Martin Nance – in no order.

stevemfpayne: Do you see Todd Lowber making the practice squad?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Yes, based on upside. But he has a long way to go.

kajjansiblackmamba: Will having one of the top 10 rookie pools, in size of $$$, make it easier to make a supplemental draft selection?

adamcaplan: 20% spent so far with 5 more to sign.

stevemfpayne: Should be plenty to get AD (Peterson) on board by training camp.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any inside info on the Michael Vick situation?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Hard to say, I don't think it's over for any stretch.

kajjansiblackmamba: Ok, thanks.

vikingspub: Do you have a couple of sleeper teams for this season?

adamcaplan: PUB: SF, ARI, HOU (shoot me now)

kajjansiblackmamba: I can see SF and Arizona, but why Houston?

adamcaplan: I just think Matt Schaub will be a major upgrade over David Carr.

kajjansiblackmamba: Ahhhhhhh, OK.

adamcaplan: OL is just about the same as last season, plus they have an upgrade at RB.

stevemfpayne: Adam, any predictions on the right side of our line. Do you think Artis Hicks and Ryan Cook are serviceable, and how about trying Marcus Johnson at guard? Thoughts?

adamcaplan: STEVE: I don't think they are in good shape there at all, they need two upgrades. Hicks shouldn't be starting.

stevemfpayne: Agreed.

adamcaplan: And Cook is an unknown. He looks too stiff at RT. Cook, after watching him during Senior Bowl practices, looked like a fifth-rounder. They reached big time for him.

Jay14: What do you think of the Vikings QBs?

adamcaplan: JAY: I like Jackson, but fans must be patient.

kajjansiblackmamba: Well, having 2 good RBs should help him a bit.

adamcaplan: KAJ: That's what the thinking was there since there were no WRs they liked at No. 7. Try to control the clock with the run.

stevemfpayne: That's why Gaither caught my eye. Aside from being dumber than a box of rocks, he was a road grater and pretty good against the rush.

adamcaplan: STEVE: He's a beast.

adamcaplan: For OLs, you don't have to be a brain surgeon either. He's a huge guy, upside too. But I hope Marcus Johnson gets another chance. I still can't believe he's been as bad as he has been. He was very highly regarded in college. A few teams had a first-round grade on him.

stevemfpayne: I thought he did well aside from the mental lapses at the line.

stevemfpayne: So is (Gaither) worth a look at 3rd or 4th round?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Probably 5th area. Developmental player.

Jay14: Should Johnson play guard? He's a natural RT.

stevemfpayne: MJ has the ability to start at RT, he had a mean streak to him.

davev: Audrae Allison? Most draft sites had him as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Why did he drop to the 5th?

adamcaplan: DAVE: Inconsistent hands. Runs well. Route-running also is an issue. Allison did have a good week during Senior Bowl practices.

stevemfpayne: Do you see Rice getting 5-10 TDs this year, or too early?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Not any time soon. More like 3-4. He needs work and doesn't run that well. Based on game tape by scouts: Big frame, uses leverage well but RAC could be good

stevemfpayne: I thought that would have raised his stock more, the Senior Bowl for Allison.

kajjansiblackmamba: In your opinion, would Jason Hill have been a better selection than Rice?

adamcaplan: KAJ: I like Hill better, that I can tell you. But as you know, he went much later. I think Rice has a little more upside.

stevemfpayne: So we are looking for Troy to bust out this year, huh?

adamcaplan: STEVE: If he can actually see the ball, you never know. He got open a lot last year. Too bad catching the ball was part of his game.

stevemfpayne: So herein lies the question, Adam: Rice or Jarrett?

adamcaplan: STEVE: I would have gone with Jarrett. But lots of teams are worried about him because he doesn't run well either.

stevemfpayne: Thanks Adam, at least I'm not alone.

davev: I'm very concerned about our tight end situation. The new guy, Visanthe Shiancoe, sounds like he has dropped his share during OTAs. Comments?

stevemfpayne: The higher-ups saw something that I never did. I think I saw Shiancoe catch one TD last year.

adamcaplan: DAVE: I'm willing to give him a chance. When I talked to Childress at the owners meetings, he was pretty certain that the guy would be a big factor.

stevemfpayne: Rice had a better 40, but the highlight reel for Jarrett was much more convincing.

adamcaplan: STEVE: Rice doesn't run very well on tape, according to many NFL scouts. With his size, though, there are things he can do. But I think run after the catch stuff could be good for him.

stevemfpayne: Your pick, young Marcus Robinson or Randy Moss-type player.

adamcaplan: Steve: Let's get serious. Moss shouldn't be in any discussions in regard to any Vikings WR now. Or even Jake Reed

stevemfpayne: Come on, that bad, huh?

adamcaplan: Although I still think Williamson could surprise a bit.

stevemfpayne: Let's hope.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, how do you think Randy Moss will do this year with the Pats?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Quite well. He'll fall in line. They all do there.

stevemfpayne: The Pats are just scary this year.

adamcaplan: BTW, Pub will be posting some thoughts I had on some free agents that could help the Vikings from both sides of the ball.

kajjansiblackmamba: Current FAs Adam?

adamcaplan: That should come by early next week, if not before. Yes, you can see my updated list of all 200 FAs or so on the front page, free agency area on the right-hand side.

kajjansiblackmamba: OK, thanks.

4EverViking: If Todd Lowber makes the team and is relegated to the practice squad, with the 3-year contract we gave him, can he be signed off to another team? Do they have to honor the 3-year deal we gave him? Why even sign a contract then?

adamcaplan: 4: I can't see him making the (53-man) team. He has a long way to go. He needs to learn how to play first. But you can see he's an athlete.

4EverViking: From what we hear, he is doing well.

stevemfpayne: With all the talent we have at safety, who do you think is gonna come out of preseason the starters?

vikingspub: It's a deep position with Sharper, Smith, Doss, Tank Williams and Greg Blue. Who do you like of that group to start?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Sharper and Smith. Doss isn't anything special – underachiever with the Colts.

adamcaplan: Poor Tank, hopefully he won't get hurt early on again.

stevemfpayne: What about Tank? It was his job to lose last year. I think he's an upgrade over Smith for SS.

adamcaplan: Too bad for him, he looked to be a player for the Titans at one point.

stevemfpayne: Guess that answers it.

adamcaplan: Smith knows the system. Very important.

stevemfpayne: Very true.

adamcaplan: BTW, I'll be on Sirius Friday from 7-10 pm CST and Saturday from 1-5 pm CST.

vikingspub: I'm taping a couple segments for FSN North tomorrow, probably airing Thursday or something like that.

adamcaplan: PUB: I'll check that out on DTV. Try not to be a homer. LOL.

adamcaplan: Later all.

aungo4: Thanks.

stevemfpayne: Later.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks again, Adam.

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