"The Other Draft" Held Today

Rick Spielman's thoroughness in draft analysis was displayed in April when he said that 200 more players that were capable of being drafted had been evaluated, graded and ranked -- a sign he takes his job very seriously. While there is a chance few players will be taken in today's supplemental draft, the Vikings might be ready to phone in a pick if a player they like is available late.

Today the Vikings and 31 other NFL teams will let 11 players know if they have a future in the league when the teams take part in the annual supplemental draft. Florida State defensive tackle Clifton Dickson is one of the names being buzzed about as the primary player of interest, but he is just one of 11 players that has a chance at being selected.

The list of players available are DT Robert Armstrong (Morgan State), Dickson, OT Jared Gaither (Maryland), CB RoShawn Marshall (Central Missouri), WR Eric McCain (Glendale Ariz. Community College), LB Donta Moore (Connecticut), CB Paul Oliver (Georgia), OL Chris Patrick (Nebraska), DT Brian Soi (Utah State), OL Aaron Turner (East Central Oklahoma) and DT Mark Washington (Texas State).

Teams are under no obligation to participate in the supplemental draft and there have been years when nobody is selected. Unlike the April college draft, which receives national attention and every pick is scrutinized, the supplemental draft is done more in the style of an on-line mock draft – teams have the opportunity to draft in the same order as in April's draft but must surrender a commensurate pick in next April's draft. For that reason alone, many teams don't take part because of the premium so many teams rightfully put on draft picks in April. In the NFL, draft picks are currency and there has to be a reason for them to give up a stake in the future to take a player.

Some teams have already let it be known that they have no interest in taking part in today's supplemental draft, but that isn't to say that players won't go. Dickson, Gaither, Patrick and Oliver are all expected to go somewhere, but most likely not until the third round or later.

The Vikings have expressed no outward interest in any players, but, as Vikings fans know, Rick Spielman's exhaustive files on players will have the team at least giving a cursory look at the available talent.

The results of the phone-in selections will be announced later today.

* One of the downsides of the supplemental draft is that, even if players are selected, it doesn't affect a team's rookie salary cap. The Vikings, for example, have a salary cap of $4.84 million for signing rookies. If they were to select a player, his salary would have to come from that pool.
* There continues to be talk swirling about the potential of Brad Childress and Andy Reid making another trade. Last year on draft weekend, the Vikings acquired Artis Hicks in a trade with the Eagles and later the Vikings traded undrafted rookie Hank Baskett to the Eagles for Billy McMullen. The rumor mill suggesting that Kelly Holcomb will be acquired for a seventh-round pick continues to make the rounds.

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