Pepp Cut, Vick Indicted

Daunte Culpepper and Michael Vick both have ties to the Vikings -- Pepp as a former franchise player and Vick as the Week One opposing QB. Both made news Tuesday afternoon.

The sagas of Daunte Culpepper and Michael Vick each took strange turns Tuesday, as Culpepper was released and Vick was indicted on dog-fighting charges.

Culpepper had been rumored to be released by the Dolphins some time before training camp began and that time came Tuesday, as the Dolphins relinquished his contract.

In a rambling statement that quoted Ghandi, Culpepper said he needs to support his family and looks forward to the chance to hook on with another team.

Vick, on the other hand, was finally legally tied into the dog-fighting ring that has dogged him the entire offseason. With him being formally charged on with a crime, Commissioner Roger Goodell may step in and hand out a suspension, which would be good news for Vikings fans because the Vikes play the Falcons on Week One and nothing would bring up hopes than to face Joey Harrington again.

VU will update both of these stories as reaction and comments come in.

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