Moss In Police Custody

Within the last hour, Randy Moss has been taken into police custody for bumping a female Minneapolis traffic control police officer with his car.

Within the last hour, WCCO-TV in Minneapolis reported that Randy Moss has been taken into police custody following an incident with a female traffic officer.

It's unknown at this point whether Moss is going to be charged with a crime, but an eyewitness report said the All-Pro wide receiver was put in handcuffs -- a report VU has yet to confirm.

The incident occurred late this afternoon as Moss was ordered to stop by a female traffic control officer. He didn't stop and, when she stepped in front of his vehicle, it struck her and moved her about two feet. Early reports are the officer was uninjured.

This is just the latest in a series of run-ins of one sort or another that have followed Moss throughout his career. VU will follow up on this story during our next update, but, as of now, Moss remains in police custody.

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