Moss Out for Sunday?

More details are in on the Randy Moss arrest and it looks like felony charges will be sought.

The incident with Randy Moss and a Minneapolis traffic control officer is much in keeping with other incidents that have haunted Moss -- just plain bizarre.

Moss, who was arrested last night after nudging a traffic control officer for a half-block with his Lexus before eventually knocking her down, was held without bail Tuesday evening awaiting an appearance in front of a judge. But, as witness statements began being heard, the story is one of two people who both acted strangely.

Moss was at Marquette Avenue in downtown Minneapolis at 5:22 p.m. -- in the middle of rush hour -- and attempted to change lanes of traffic and turn on to Marquette from Seventh Street from a lane that is not allowed to turn.

At that point, traffic officer Amy Zaccardi blew her whistle to prevent Moss from making the turn. Eventually, she got in front of his Lexus and refused to let him proceed. Moss kept moving his car and Zaccardi eventually sat on the hood of his vehicle. Whether to get her off the hood or just to keep going, Moss kept moving the vehicle forward slowly -- forcing Zaccardi to walk along with him with her backside still on the hood of his vehicle.

This continued for about a half block until Moss accelerated enough to knock Zaccardi down. At that point, he stopped his vehicle and didn't move until police arrived.

Witnesses say the scene was strange from many levels, some saying Moss simply refused to accept Zaccardi's command to stop and other saying she pushed the issue by sitting on his car. When police arrived, Moss was handcuffed, placed in a Minneapolis police cruiser and taken off to jail. He was charged with two counts of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, which are felony counts.
As of late Tuesday evening, he had not been granted bail and was expected to come before a judge this morning to have bail set.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this incident for Vikings fans is that team sources have confirmed that the incident will likely mean Moss doesn't play Sunday at Seattle -- a game the Vikings must win if they're looking to keep any hope alive of making the postseason.

VU will follow the bail procedure and update this story as needed.

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