Teammates Support Moss

Coach Mike Tice and fellow players say Randy Moss had been a model teammate this year before his brush with the law on Tuesday, and they continue to call him a leader of the team.

The Vikings did not need any off-the-field distractions after an 0-3 start, but they got a doozy this week when Randy Moss was arrested in downtown Minneapolis.

The incident, which occurred during rush hour on Tuesday, was a result of Moss attempting to turn from a lane where traffic was supposed to go straight. According to police, Moss pushed a traffic control agent with his car for about a half block before knocking her down.

The traffic control agent, 27-year-old Amy Elizabeth Zaccardi of Coon Rapids, called for help and when police arrived they arrested Moss. Zaccardi was slightly injured. Moss was booked into Hennepin County Jail and was not released until Wednesday afternoon.

He was charged with two misdemeanor counts of careless driving and failure to obey a traffic officer, according to Minneapolis police spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington.

"I was really confused about what I was supposed to do and what was supposed to happen," Moss told reporters after his release.

Police said they found a small quantity of marijuana in Moss' car. They said the amount would qualify as a petty misdemeanor, but no charge was immediately filed.

Coach Mike Tice acknowledged he was "disappointed" in Moss, but the organization decided the receiver would play on Sunday at Seattle. Tice said Moss would be disciplined for missing part of the Wednesday's practice but refused to divulge what the punishment would be. Reports said Moss would be fined nearly $50,000.

"I really believe that Randy had done an outstanding job in the community, an outstanding job dealing with the media, an outstanding job dealing with adversity on the football field — being triple-teamed and double-teamed," Tice said. "He was making great strides in maturing as a man and as a football player. Obviously this is a setback. It's a disappointment to all of us who are fond of him."

Moss, who apologized to his teammates, received plenty of support.

"One thing he's really done this year was to try to be a better teammate," tight end Byron Chamberlain said. "Until now, there's nothing really negative he's done in the locker room or said that you could perceive as a bad boy image. He's one of the leaders of our team."

Said cornerback Corey Chavous: "He's an outstanding teammate. I think Randy understands this year we're depending on him. He has a lot of responsibility. That's why the focus on him is always so high."

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