Apologies (Sincere?) From Moss

It seems like even when Randy Moss attempts to say and do something positive, a negative comes out of it.

If Spike Lee was to make a movie of the life to date of Randy Moss, he would likely use the working title "Do the Wrong Thing."

On a day when Moss was publicly humbled in front of local and national media -- both local stations and ESPN cut into programming to show the press conference live -- he still found a way to come off as being wrong.

His nine-minute statement, which didn't include a by-play with the throng of media gathered, sounded more like a man who felt he is a victim. He doesn't admit any wrongdoing in the situation, doesn't understand why he is being fined by the team and doesn't sound like he would ever offer and apology -- public or private -- to the traffic control officer involved.

His lack of apology to the traffic cop was likely on the advise of counsel because it would likely end up being used against them in court.

Yet, it would seem that with all the legal handling that Moss went through before his statement, his strange choice of wardrobe wasn't addressed. If you happen to see any of his interviews again, check out the hat he's wearing. Nobody found reason to mention it, but Moss wore a hat that was designed back in 1998 that said "Three-Deep" on the front and had the names and numbers of Moss, Cris Carter and Jake Reed on the back.

He pulled the hat out of mothballs for the press conference and a one-on-one interview with ESPN, but his hat had been altered. The names of Carter and Reed had a large "X" put through both and Sharpie markings to erase their names on the back portion (Moss wore the hat backwards) and where it initially said "Three Deep" another large "X" was put through the word "Three" and replaced with a hand-scrawled "One."

Whether this was a shot at Carter isn't clear, but it could be easily perceived as a shot to not only Carter and Reed, but to Derrick Alexander and D'Wayne Bates -- who replaced them with the Vikings this season.

Any way you cut it, Moss claims his reputation has been ruined. With actions like he showed Thursday, any ruination of his reputation is likely as much the result of his own actions as anything else.

* Never one to miss out on a chance to pimp a hot story, the Disney folks have taught ESPN well. After airing the "Sports Century" story on the life of Moss Thursday on ESPN Classic, a network most cable systems don't carry as part of a basic or expanded basic package, the profile will be shown on the original ESPN network tonight. Just as Disney has learned to milk every penny out of a product, ESPN has learned from their masters.
* Many expect Moss to have a huge game Sunday. Typically, when he's in the spotlight of criticism, like making his "I play when I want to play" remarks last year, he follows it up with a huge game. After that quote went nationwide last year, he followed it up with a 10-catch, three-touchdown game vs. the Giants.
* Moss may be close to his Randy Ratio numbers -- right now at a little less than 40 percent of the team's passes -- he isn't the explosive receiver that he's been in the past. Entering this year, his lowest average per catch is 15 yards and his career average is 17.5 yards per reception. This year, he's at half that, averaging just 8.8 yards a catch. That number is the lowest of any wide receiver with more than 12 receptions in the entire NFL.
* The Vikings are making some changes to the injury report that will be sent into the league today. Patrick Chukwurah (chest) has already been upgraded from questionable to probable, Corbin Lacina (concussion) has been removed from the list completely and Byron Chamberlain (knee) is expected to be upgraded to probable and will likely start Sunday night vs. Seattle.
* In other starting news, Derrick Alexander has been named the starter over D'Wayne Bates for Sunday's game, but, considering the injury problems the Vikings have at tight end, the number of three-receiver sets the team uses will be numerous and won't mean Bates is on the sideline for most of the game.
* The Vikings re-signed WR Kelly Campbell, who cleared waivers Thursday, to the practice squad. To make room for him, the team cut CB James Rooths. Three players -- Campbell, Rooths and Antonio Wilson -- have been affected by the problems with kicker Doug Brien. To make room for Gary Anderson on the roster, the team released Wilson, but after an injury to Henri Crockett, Wilson was re-signed and Campbell was released. Now Campbell is back and Rooths has to hit the road -- all because of Brien.

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