Williamson Waxes About Confidence

Almost two weeks into training camp, we check back in with wide receiver Troy Williamson to talk about his confidence and the issues that affect him. Plus, get notes from the Wednesday afternoon session.

The attendance at training camp might be down from previous years, but it's obvious that most of the fans really want Troy Williamson to succeed. They cheer for many of his catches, more than they do for the other receivers, and that's especially true on the deep passes.

But that hasn't meant a flawless performance from Williamson. Most days, he is making the majority of catches but often seems to drop one pass per practice.

With two days until his first preseason action of 2007, he says the games will help his confidence more than making catches during practices.

"I think about the things I need to do to get myself back on track, as far as me concentrating and getting my confidence back on track," he said Wednesday after practice. "It's coming, but I think the more games that I play in, the more balls I catch in a game atmosphere, that will pretty much do it."

Early in the afternoon practice he caught a hard pass from Tarvaris Jackson on a crossing route and made it look easy. Not too much later, he dropped an over-the-shoulder deep pass from Jackson down the left sideline that went off his hands.

In fact, that is exactly the type of pass he said he still feels is particularly difficult for him, even after testing at a Nike vision center in Oregon earlier this year and working all spring and summer to improve his vision and hands.

"It was catching the ball over my right shoulder," he said of the pass that gives him the most trouble. "Sometimes I'd just get to a point where I could catch a deep ball but I'd just get lax. I just have to be more aggressive to the ball."

Alan Reichow of Nike was visiting the Vikings' camp yesterday, and head coach Brad Childress joked that if Williamson performs better with the vision people watching in person, he might have to hire them to attend games.

But all joking aside, Williamson said a retesting of his eyes on Tuesday was encouraging.

"They found some good things, and the best was when I got my results and did my retest. Everything pretty much turned out good and it's looking like it's going uphill," he said.

Another testing ground for Nike was the use of shaded contacts, which Williamson said he might try during a sunny outdoor game.

"I tried them yesterday and they were actually alright," he said. "I wouldn't mind trying them outside somewhere, but they really do work. They've got a darker contact and they've got an orange-red contact. It brings out the green in the grass and it brings out the football. It's actually really, really kind of cool how everything comes together."

The Vikings certainly hope everything comes together for Williamson this season. He has put in the work to try to improve and now it's all about confidence, he says.

"I've got all the tools to do what I what I've got to do. The only thing I need to do now is get my confidence back where it needs to be," he said.


  • DE Ray Edwards batted down one pass at the line scrimmage early in the Vikings' afternoon practice, which was scheduled for 45 minutes and last about an hour. The team practice in shorts and helmets.

  • Drew Henson had a rough practice. He threw four interceptions – three of them to safety Darren Sharper. The other went to safety Dwight Smith, who corralled a pass that LB Vinny Ciurciu tipped into the air.

  • CB Ronyell Whitaker returned to practice after a few days off with a sprained ankle. DE Darrion Scott also returned to practice in the afternoon after missing the morning session.

  • WR Chandler Williams continued an inconsistent stretch this week when he dropped a very catchable pass from Tyler Thigpen.

  • Ryan Longwell look extremely consistent and good in practicing eight onside kicks.

  • OL Josh Day had a false start on a hard count from the quarterback. False starts were the bane of Monday's morning practice, but they have decreased in frequency since then.

  • TE Braden Jones also had a practice he'd probably rather forget about. He dropped at least two catchable passes.

  • RB Ciatrick Fason received some work with the first-team offense.

  • TE Richard Owens had a good catch down the middle of the field when he went high for a Thipgen pass and hauled it in.

  • Thigpen hooked up with WR Sidney Rice for a long reception down the right sideline.

  • LB Ben Leber worked with the first-team defense during the afternoon session after recently returning from injury.

  • Thursday morning the Vikings have a mock game that is closed to the public in preparation for the Friday night preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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