New Viking Has Old Court Business

Newly signed Viking Fred Evans is looking to put his past behind him, but, over the next few weeks, his past is going to be constantly reminding him that he still has issues to resolve in the legal system.

The Fred Evans saga is going to be one that is followed with some interest as the Vikings try to justify having a hard-line stance on player conduct and balancing that with team need.

Evans, who was recently signed by the Vikings, is scheduled to be in Dade County Court Thursday in south Florida regarding a potential plea bargain. He initially pleaded not guilty to the four counts against him, including two felonies involving the striking of an officer during his June 23 arrest.

Evans is also scheduled to be in court in Texas Sept. 5 to answer to a potential violation of a plea agreement in that state stemming from a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession. As part of his deal in that case, Evans had the case set aside with the stipulation that he have no similar violations in the following 12 months. His Florida case puts that in jeopardy.

The Vikings brass have gone on record saying that they have done their background checks on Evans and don't see him as a problem. It will be interesting to see if courts in two different states agree with that assessment.

* Brad Childress hasn't backed off his stance that Brooks Bollinger will get some snaps with the first-team offense Friday in the Vikings game with the Jets. Considering that the offense needs to get as much work in with Tarvaris Jackson as the starter, it still seems a little strange that Bollinger would get first-team game action simply because he's familiar with the Jets defensive personnel.
* Erasmus James hasn't yet been ruled out of playing in Friday's game. While it would still seem to be a long shot, the team hasn't given a definitive "no" to his playing status vs. the Jets.
* Both Rufus Alexander and Dan Mozes are scheduled have surgery Thursday, Mozes' to be performed by eminent surgeon Dr. James of Andrews of Birmingham.

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