Kluwe's Job In Trouble?

There has been something of a buzz concerning the potential punting battle between Chris Kluwe and rookie Alex Reyes. That battle took an interesting turn at Tuesday's practice in Mankato - a turn that might not be favorable for Kluwe.

Is Chris Kluwe on the bubble?

There has been speculation during training camp that Texas Tech rookie Alex Reyes, who punts as well as kicks off, would get more than his fair chance at unseating Kluwe. On Tuesday, those whispers got a little louder.

While Reyes was continuing his duties during practice, quarterback Brooks Bollinger was working as the holder for Ryan Longwell. Why is that significant? Because Kluwe was Longwell's holder all of last season. He took over for Brad Johnson in 2006 when Johnson became the full-time starter and was expected to remain in that position.

While Bollinger taking some snaps as holder might not strike some as a clear indication that Kluwe might not have the job security some would assume he does, the question those people need to ask is, if Kluwe's job was safe, wouldn't Bollinger be doing something else in practice? If Kluwe makes the team, one of his duties will again be as holder – or at least it would appear to be so. With the team gearing up for the Jets, it would seem natural that Bollinger – who has never been a holder in a NFL game – would be working with his offensive teammates to go against his former team. Instead, he was taking snaps for field goal attempts.

While this doesn't mean than Kluwe is heading out the door, you have to figure him seeing someone else doing his holding duties has to be a little disconcerting.

* Newly signed DT Fred Evans might see some action Friday when the Vikings play the Jets in their second preseason game.
* When asked if he thought Erasmus James would be playing Friday, Brad Childress didn't totally rule out, but added "I'd be more inclined to say let's wait another week."
* The Vikings did a makeshift offensive line change as part of Tuesday's practice and had right tackle Ryan Cook getting time at his college position of center.
* Giants tight end Darcy Johnson was expected to assume the role vacated by Visanthe Shiancoe, who left the Giants to sign a lucrative free agent contract with the Vikings. That plan got scrapped Tuesday when Johnson suffered a torn ACL and strained MCL – likely ending his 2007 season.
* As if there was any doubt prior to this, the legal problems of Michael Vick have all but assured that Vick will be nowhere in sight when the Falcons open the regular season against the Vikings.
* Former Viking Melvin Fowler, attempting to win the starting center job with the Bills, suffered a knee injury Tuesday. The extent of the injury wasn't immediately known and a MRI is scheduled for today.

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