Turning Point: TD Flurry

Without a two-minute flurry of touchdowns from Seattle, the Vikings would have not only been in the game but likely had a chance to win it.

An NFL football game is 60 minutes long, but the Vikings' loss to Seattle took just two minutes to become a complete mockery. Whatever transpired in the other 58 minutes really didn't matter because a bizarre two-minute span created the turning point of the game — and perhaps the season.

With 3:07 to play in the half, the Vikings trailed 17-10. After being grossly outplayed and allowing Seattle to score on all three of its possessions, all the Vikings really needed was to contain the Seattle offense for one drive. Even if the Seahawks ate all the time left on the clock, if they didn't score, the Vikings would be down by a TD and getting the second-half kickoff.

Instead, a national TV audience was treated to a bizarre spectacle that exposed the Vikings offense, defense and special teams.

The first play came following a Vikings field goal to cut the deficit to seven points. Shaun Alexander took a screen pass 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage and ran through the Vikings defense for an 80-yard TD. On the next play, Nick Davis fumbled a kick return, and Alexander scored again two plays later to turn a 17-10 deficit into a 31-10 deficit in little more than one minute.

However, that was only half of the problem for the Vikings' two-minute nightmare. D'Wayne Bates, who replaced Davis returning kicks, also fumbled and gave Seattle the ball back on the 14-yard line. On the next play, Alexander scored again to make the score 38-10.

Considering that the Vikings offense had left the field down seven points and when it returned the deficit was 28 points, you could imagine their frustration. Well, the offense did its part, as Daunte Culpepper was intercepted by Reggie Tongue on the second play of the next drive, and Tongue returned it for a touchdown.

With 3:07 left in the half, the Vikings were behind by seven points. With 1:06 to play, the Vikings were behind by 35 points — creating the turning point of the game and, unless Mike Tice can keep his team together, the turning point of the whole year.

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