Lurtsema's Reaction: Dropped Opportunities

Believe it or not, the Vikings actually had a great chance to tie the Seahawks in the third quarter, but mistakes from Randy Moss and others left the game out of reach in the fourth quarter.

What a beautiful new stadium here in Seattle. I can't wait for the fans in Minnesota to get on the bandwagon and get the petition rolling to get the same type of facility in the Twin Cities area. Win or lose, it is always a great time when you're outdoors … well, it might be a tad better if you win.

Obviously football is a great sport to watch, no matter where you are, and a game like this 48-23 loss to the Seahawks can deliver a strong statement to the youth of America who play football, or even those players in the college and professional ranks. What I'm referring to is what was said at halftime in the Vikings locker room when they were down 45-10. Their rallying cry centered on the fact that if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can score 31 points in a quarter, the Vikings' explosive offense sure should be able to score 38 in a half.

As we all know by now, the Seahawks scored 28 points in the span of just 1:47 late into the second quarter. But how many actually know that the Vikings could have put up three more touchdowns in the third period and still had 47 seconds remaining on the clock?

Down 28 points, Moe Williams scored after a fumble by the Seahawks punter to put the score at 45-17 with 12:07 to go in the third quarter. Then the defense started to shine and gave the Vikings great field position on their next three possessions. Actually, the defense shined the entire second half, as they gave up just 49 total yards, 39 by rushing and just 10 by passing.

But the Vikings offense during those critical three possessions left the ball on the 9-yard line, 3-yard line and Randy Moss dropped an easy touchdown with 47 seconds to go in the third quarter. That would have made it 45-38 going into the fourth quarter.

The sad part about the Vikings not getting back in the ballgame was that Moss delivered the worst performance of his professional career. When the game is on the line, money players need to perform, but instead Moss got down on himself more and more. "The balls came off my fingertips, they bounced off my chest — and the more I drop, the more I get down on myself," Moss said after the game. "I can hear the fans, I can hear the boos. And the team's not really in sync."

The lesson that can be learned is that, as a football player, when you come out in the second half you want to make sure you're not the person that is the weakest link, because during an athletic competition, and especially football, anything can happen. It almost did this week. And the quote I like the best is that if you can find a way to do it in your head, you can do it on the field, especially on the prettiest 100-yard surface in football, a new mixture called FieldTurf.

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