Come Again? $600 Million?

Apparently Red McCombs is looking for a lot of money to sell a team he claims is losing him money.

Red McCombs is no idiot. When he bought the Minnesota Vikings for $245 million after a deal with author Tom Clancey fell through, many thought that, by NFL standards, he got a bargain.

It sure looks that way now. VU has been told by a source that has inquired about the price of the team -- currently being shopped around by McCombs -- the asking tag is said to be around $600 million. For the price, Red can handle his Clear Channel stock still dropping.

While it's unclear if that price would not include the $100 million that McCombs has pledged to a new stadium, if you read into it what those involved in the inquiry process did, for that price it's clear McCombs is convinced either a new stadium is a done deal or the franchise will have to be moved.

* Contrary to some earlier reports, the results of Randy Moss' drug test were not completed as of Monday. It had been speculated that Moss, who was tested by the league Thursday or Friday, would have been suspended had he tested positive for marijuana -- a claim that was premised on the results being available to the league within one day. However, VU has been told that results often take up to a week to be completed and analyzed before any action is taken.
* VU has also been told that one of the cops who searched Moss' car and found the cigarette/cigar type marijuana "blunt" has told people that it was found in Moss' ashtray and that the end that would be similar to a filter on an ordinary cigarette -- the part that goes in your mouth -- was wet. The insinuation is that, if Moss wasn't smoking, whoever was had been smoking it very recently to the time when Moss' car was searched.
* Linebacker Lemanski Hall was scheduled for a precautionary MRI on his high ankle sprain Monday night. He is scheduled to be out 2-4 weeks.
* Jim Kleinsasser may be back for the Vikings game vs. Detroit, as he continued to recover from a knee injury that has sidelined him for two weeks.
* VU slappy Paul Allen, the play-by-play radio announcer for the Vikings, has been getting a lot of promo time on rival FOX Sports radio. He was a guest on a show where he was called out for telling Red McCombs to get out of the broadcast booth after doing play-by-play for one play -- the 80-yard screen pass for a touchdown by Shaun Alexander. According to one published report, claims have been made that McCombs was upset by the comment by Allen. The story says "McCombs ripped off his headset and stormed out of the booth" after Allen, in his tremendous stylings, said "Purple Pride -- Purple Slide with Red McCombs on lead vocals."

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