Vikings Healing During Bye Week

After seeing their tight end corps dismantled by injuries, the Vikings are finally getting healthy on the bye week.

Over the last few games, the Vikings have seen their linebacker ranks dwindle down to almost nothing. That will change sooner than later.

An MRI performed on the high ankle sprain of Lemanski Hall was less serious than originally thought and, while Hall is still expected to miss the Detroit game, coach Mike Tice is confident he will be back in time for the game with the Jets Oct. 20.

The news is also positive on Henri Crockett, who is now on a timetable to also return in time for the Jets game.

While the Vikings defense is still stinging from the 0-4 start, having a couple of key defensive pieces coming back is one reason to keep Willie Shaw off the roof at Winter Park.

* Randy Moss was scheduled to be arraigned this morning on five counts stemming from last week's driving infraction in Minneapolis. After earlier being charged with misdemeanors for failure to obey a traffic control officer and careless driving, additional charges of marijuana possession, improper turn in an intersection that could endanger a person or property and obstructing traffic with a vehicle charges have been added. All of them are misdemeanors and will likely be plea-bargained out by Moss' attorneys.
* Jim Kleinsasser is still slowed by a knee injury, but Tice is hopeful he will return to action when the Vikings resume play vs. Detroit.
* There is now a growing feeling that the Vikings won't sign Bryant McKinnie even if his agents lower their demands. The impression by some at the top is that this season is already a lost cause to get McKinnie in as a starter and paying him a huge signing bonus for little to no productivity this year doesn't make business sense. However, there is still a decent chance that the Vikings will try to sign him for next season and, if that fails, try to trade his rights at a later date.

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