Culpepper To Be Honored

The story of Daunte Culpepper and the University of Central Florida is one of legend and soon to be lore -- UCF will stamp Culpepper's role in the university going big time by inducting him into the school's Hall of Fame.

Anyone familiar with the Daunte Culpepper story would agree that it is one for the record books. Born in prison with little chance to make something of himself, Culpepper was adopted and became an NFL star.

As Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story is one that has just as big an impact. Out of high school, there was no questioning his talent. His grades were another thing. Culpepper was rejected by most major universities, but Central Florida stepped up and said "Come play with us."

Once his grades met the grade, Culpepper was wooed by every major college in the country, but he stuck with UCF. The rest is history. He set the all-time college record for completion percentage and turned UCF into a school that other athletes aspired to play for.

While Culpepper put UCF on the map, his contribution won't be forgotten. This weekend, he will be inducted into the school's Hall of Fame. While many came before him and more will follow, Culpepper will be remembered as the man that made UCF a team to be reckoned with and, with his induction, he will be forever linked to the school.

In an era where kids today don't know why such a fuss was made over the passing of Johnny Unitas, anyone who ever plays in the Central Florida football program will know who Daunte Culpepper is and, for that, his legacy will remain -- even though chapters still follow.

* Coach Mike Tice held an end-of-practice scrimmage between the offense and the defense Thursday. The offense won -- big surprise. As a result, all defensive players had to do wind sprints. Too bad they can't be forced to do that on game day if the situation warrants.
* The Vikings made an addition to their struggling secondary by signing safety Jason Perry, a former starter for the San Diego Chargers. Tice wouldn't commit to what role Perry will play. To make room for him on the roster, the team released tight end Matt Cercone.
* The Vikings filled a vacancy on the practice squad by signing offensive lineman Lorenzo White Thursday.

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