Taylor Injury Serious?

The Vikings likely won't let on until Wednesday just how serious the injury to the oblique muscle of Chester Taylor will be. But, considering that such injuries are subject to aggravations and recurrences if pushed too hard, the Vikings might have to face a difficult decision in preparation for Detroit.

One of the biggest questions that fans have asked since the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson centered around how A.P. (aka A.D.) and Chester Taylor would handle the duties of a time-share offense? Would Taylor still be the workhorse, much like Deuce McAllister's numbers didn't suffer when Reggie Bush showed up? Would Peterson's speed and breakaway ability allow him to pull away from Taylor as the season progressed?

Those questions have suddenly been shunted into the back seat with the strained oblique injury suffered by Taylor. Following Sunday's 24-3 win, head coach Brad Childress described the injury as a "hip contusion." While painful, hip injuries or bruises can heal relatively quickly through range of motion work. An oblique injury is another story altogether.

While we're not medically trained at VU, the simple explanation of an oblique injury is a muscle tear or strain on the muscles that surround the lower ribcage. Anyone who has suffered such an injury knows that the worst pain comes from twisting one's upper body to the left or right. Almost by definition, that is one of the jobs of running backs. While Monday's MRI showed no structural damage, the Vikings might have been considerably better off with Taylor suffering a hip injury.

It is expected that Childress or Taylor himself will address the situation Wednesday when the team begins preparation for the Lions, but Taylor left the locker room Monday without commenting. VU will be at Winter Park and will pass along the details when they become available.

* Who says there's no trading during the season? Within hours of Week 1 being concluded, a pair of trades have come down. The Seahawks have traded defensive end Bryce Fisher to the Titans. Fisher, who lost his job in training camp to second-year pro Darryl Tapp, became expendable after being disgruntled about his lack of playing time. The Titans gave a as-of-yet undisclosed draft pick. The Browns have also cleared the path for Brady Quinn to start his pro career. The Browns flagship radio station is reporting this morning that the Browns have signed Ken Dorsey and traded starting QB Charlie Frye to an undisclosed team, which was later reported to be the Seahawks. The official announcement should come later today.
* Tank Williams can be expecting to hear from Emmitt Smith with an apology sometime this week. Smith, who has transitioned from the field to the broadcast realm with ESPN, blasted Tank Williams in reference to player misdeeds and, in particular, possession of guns. The person Smith was directing his comments at, however, wasn't Williams, but former Bears TD Tank Johnson, who was released by the team after a series of incidents involving guns and other arrest issues.
* The Bears might make a run for a Vikings practice squad player, safety Tyler Everett, who played three games for Chicago last season and was one of their final cuts of this preseason. The Bears need a replacement for Mike Brown, who was lost in Week 6 last year and has already been lost for the season in 2007.
* With D.J. Hackett sidelined with an ankle injury, former Viking Nate Burleson will start Sunday for the Seahawks.
* The Cardinals released former Viking OL Brad Badger Monday.
* On NFL.com, the league's official website, you'll see Adrian Peterson on one of their page-topping banners with a chance to vote him the Pepsi Rookie of the Week. Coming on a day in which he ran for 100 yards and caught a 60-yard screen-turned-TD, he should have some solid support, but you can vote for him just to make sure.

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