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Four rookies making immediate contributions

According to this report, it is more difficult for rookies to make an immediate impact in the NFL than in other sports.  The rigors of the game are just too much to endure for many 21- and 22-year-old players.

Yet the Vikings are already seeing early contributions from four of the players from this year’s rookie draft crop.

Running back Adrian Peterson, the team’s first-round pick, started his pro career with a bang and has been everything people had hoped so far.

But nobody was expecting such an immediate impact from fourth-round pick Brian Robison.  Yet the second-day pick, who was expected to be a situational player at best as a rookie, made an early statement by recording two sacks in his NFL debut.  Robison showed the same flashes of big-play ability throughout the preseason.  And it has continued based on Week One.

Robison clearly shows a knack for being around the quarterback.

“He does and I think that’s what we saw from the very beginning,” head coach Brad Childress said.  “He can come off the edge and he can bend and he is more than adequate playing the run.  The relentless part has something to do with it too; he just doesn’t stop.  If you’re going to stop him in one direction he’s going to spin back the other way and spin back the other way.  Sometimes there is something to be said for that relentlessness.  With that said, he does have the ability to beat you with a burst and bend around the edge.”

Cornerback Marcus McCauley has also proven to be a draft-day steal so far.  The team’s third-round pick emerged quickly as the team’s No. 3 cornerback from the get-go and has sustained that role into the regular season, as well.

Dovonte Edwards was a guy that could have made the team last year and he got hurt,” Childress said.  “But I’d say McCauley stood out in training camp and we’ll just see what the season provides.”

Wide receiver Sidney Rice, the team’s second-round pick, has looked fairly modest on the stat sheet thus far, but it’s clear that he has terrific size, hands and ball skills.

Was Belichick cheating against Vikings?

In light of the recent allegations that the New England Patriots were videotaping the defensive signals of the New York Jets last week, an avid Viking fan can’t help but wonder if Bill Belichick wasn’t up to similar shenanigans against Minnesota last season when the Patriots seemed to have the Vikings’ playbook in their 31-7 victory.

Even Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre had to wonder in a recent report.

Favre specifically pointed to watching game film of that game last season when questioned about the issue during a media briefing recently.

“They just were flawless,” Favre said.

There’s no question it appeared the Vikings were being absolutely outcoached in that game.  It was indeed almost like they knew what was coming.

Does that make Favre wonder what was really going on?

“Now?  Maybe,” he said.  “Before?  No.”

While it is still not clear what Belichick has done recently or in the past, he has apologized to “ownership, staff and players” for something.

It will be interesting to see what commissioner Roger Goodell does in terms of disciplinary action against Belichick and the Patriots.

Herron waiver claim spite?

Belichick’s waiver claim of Vikings’ linebacker David Herron, only to release him after one week also wreaks of petty gamesmanship, as well.

The phone call Belichick made to Vikings coach Brad Childress has been much publicized in his efforts to dissuade the Vikings from claiming tight end Garrett Mills, as Belichick followed through on this “threat” to claim Herron from the Vikings, whom they wanted for their practice squad.

At the end of the day, Herron is back in Minnesota, but the entire incident doesn’t make Belichick look like such a genius.

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