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The circumstances behind why they are ex-Vikings is different for each one, but in the end there aren't many players the Vikings have lost that would make an impact for them now.

By current count, you could field an entire team with ex-Vikings around the league.  There are 59 players who have spent at least some time under contract with the Vikings who are currently under contract somewhere else.

Among them, 13 currently start for their current team, while there are 33 backups, 6 on injured reserve, 2 who are suspended, and 5 on another team’s practice squad.

Here’s a complete list, their current team, current status and when they were with the Vikings):
FB Obafemi Ayanbadejo, Chi. – suspended (Vikings 1997-98)
OT Brad Badger, Ariz. – backup (Vikings 2000-01)
FS Rashad Baker, N.E. – backup (Vikings 2006)
WR Hank Baskett, Phil. – backup (Vikings 2006)
CB Tony Beckham, Det. – backup (Vikings 2006)
RB Michael Bennett, K.C. – backup (Vikings 2001-05)
CB Ralph Brown, Ariz. – backup (Vikings 2004-05)
WR Nate Burleson, Sea. – starter (Vikings 2003-05)
WR Jason Carter, Caro. – practice squad (Vikings 2006-07)
FS Tyrone Carter, Pitt. – backup (Vikings 2000-02)
SS Oliver Celestin, Ariz. – backup (Vikings 2004)
SS Corey Chavous, StL – starter (Vikings 2002-05)
LB Patrick Chukwurah, T.B. – backup (Vikings 2001-02)
DE Earl Cochran, Hou. – backup (Vikings 2005)
DT Colin Cole, G.B. – backup (Vikings 2003)
OG Kyle Cook, Cin. – practice squad (Vikings 2007)
LB Marquis Cooper, Pitt. – backup (Vikings 2006)
QB Daunte Culpepper, Oak. – starter (Vikings 1999-2005)
WR Josh Davis, Caro. – injured reserve (Vikings 2006)
OT Nat Dorsey, Clev. – backup (Vikings 2004-05)
RB Adimchinobe Echemandu, Oak. – backup (Vikings 2005-06)
PK Aaron Elling, Cin. – injured reserve (Vikings 2003-04)
C Melvin Fowler, Buff. – starter (Vikings 2005)
QB Gus Frerotte, StL – backup (Vikings 2003-04)
OT Adam Goldberg, StL – starter (Vikings 2004-06)
LB Napoleon Harris, K.C. – starter (Vikings 2005-06)
RB Taurean Henderson, Atl. – injured reserve (Vikings 2006)
QB Shaun Hill, S.F. – backup (Vikings 2002-05)
DT Chris Hovan, T.B. – starter (Vikings 2000-04)
QB Brad Johnson, Dall. – backup (Vikings 1992-98, 2005-06)
DT Cedric Killings, Hou. – backup (Vikings 2002-03)
DT Ross Kolodziej, Ariz. – backup (Vikings 2006)
RB ReShard Lee, Oak. – injured reserve (Vikings 2005)
OG Chris Liwienski, Mia. – starter (Vikings 1998-2005)
DT C.J. Mosley, N.Y.J. – backup (Vikings 2005-06)
WR Randy Moss, N.E. – starter (Vikings 1998-2004)
QB J.T. O’Sullivan, Det. – backup (Vikings 2005-06)
TE Richard Owens, StL – backup (Vikings 2004-07)
CB Dimitri Patterson, K.C. – backup (Vikings 2006)
OT Donald Penn, T.B. – backup (Vikings 2006)
RB Artose Pinner, Atl. – backup (Vikings 2006-07)
DT Fred Robbins, N.Y.G. – starter (Vikings 2000-03)
WR Koren Robinson, G.B. – suspended (Vikings 2005-06)
OT Mike Rosenthal, Mia – injured reserve (Vikings 2003-06)
FS Brian Russell, Sea. – starter (Vikings 2002-05)
DE Khreem Smith, K.C. – practice squad (Vikings 2006-07)
LB Raonall Smith, StL – backup (Vikings 2003-05)
CB Fred Smoot, Wash. – starter (Vikings 2005-06)
OT Todd Steussie, StL – injured reserve (Vikings 1994-2000)
WR Travis Taylor, Oak. – backup (Vikings 2005-06)
QB Tyler Thigpen, K.C. – backup (Vikings 2007)
WR Troy Walters, Det. – backup (Vikings 2000-01)
DT Cliff Washburn, Den. – practice squad (Vikings 2005)
OG Jason Whittle, Buff. – backup (Vikings 2006)
CB Brian Williams, Jax. – starter (Vikings 2002-05)
OT Mark Wilson, Oak. – practice squad (Vikings 2005)
WR Chandler Williams, Mia. – practice squad (Vikings 2007)
C Cory Withrow, S.D. – backup (Vikings 1998-2005)
CB Kenny Wright, Clev. – backup (Vikings 1999-2001)

As long as this list is, there aren’t that many players the Vikings would probably like to still have.  All were let go or allowed to leave for various football and/or business reasons.

However, there are a few that with the benefit of hindsight might still be of help.

Gus Frerotte is one of the better backup quarterbacks in the league and would have made a very nice veteran understudy to Tarvaris Jackson.  The Vikings wouldn’t have needed to trade for Kelly Holcomb if they still had Frerotte…or Brooks Bollinger before that.

In hindsight, the Bollinger trade for defensive tackle C.J. Mosley might not have been necessary, either.  Mosley has developed into a solid backup in the rotation with the Jets.  Earlier in camp this season the Vikings were very much in need of help behind Kevin Williams and Pat Williams until they took a chance on Fred Evans.  Mosley would have had a spot.

The Vikings are still sick about losing Thigpen to the Chiefs when they tried to slip him through waivers a couple weeks ago.  To identify, draft and develop a promising young quarterback, only to lose him still smarts.

Otherwise, the Vikings have “gone in another direction” in most other cases.

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