Taylor or A.P.?

Adrian Peterson couldn't have done much more than he has in the first three games of the season. Yet, Brad Childress contends he's still not the starter when Chester Taylor returns -- begging the question is Childress just trying to throw out red herrings to opponents or is he missing what all the rest of us are seeing?

Fans have to wonder what Adrian Peterson has to do in order to become the star he should be?

With Chester Taylor returning to practice Wednesday, Brad Childress said that when he's healed, he will resume his role as the starter. But, while Taylor is a quality running back, when compared side by side to Peterson, it seems like almost a mismatch. Peterson has better speed, shows good strength to gain yards after contact and, through three games, he has posted two 100-yard games and is the team's leading receiver.

There's an old axiom that says a NFL starter doesn't lose his job due to injury. In reality, that's not true. It happens all the time. If the replacement players dominates at his position, he stays in for the good of the team. Childress might be trying to send another cryptic message to opponents to get them to game plan for Taylor, but few teams have to change up much of what they do to handle him. They do have to make adjustments for Peterson, who can take a carry or a swing pass to house at any time. We've seen that already.

Childress has come under fire for taking Peterson out for a portion of the final series, noting that his blitz pickup isn't where it should be yet. The bigger question should have been, if you're looking to tie or win the game late, why would you have your only viable big-play threat in blocking anyway?

While Peterson's career is less than a month old, he's already made a lot of believers. He is as electrifying runner as the Vikings have had in decades, with the speed of Robert Smith and considerably more toughness. Taylor is a quality player, but under almost any circumstances, most outside observers would say that if the Vikings have two No. 1 running backs, Taylor is clearly 1B and Peterson is 1A.

Hopefully, Childress is playing more of his cloak-and-dagger games with the media. Peterson wasn't the one who injured Taylor. All he's done is far exceed early expectations. He should be punished for that. He helped the Vikings win their only game of the season and kept them in the other two. Diminishing his role doesn't make sense, so all we can do is cross our fingers that Childress is playing more of his see-through mind games with opponents.

* Pat Williams stirred the pot with the Packers media in a teleconference interview Wednessay, but saying Packers center Scott Williams is all but helpless to stop him. While he added he doesn't think any center can neutralize him, the Green Bay media is running with his quote as bulletin board material – one of the more overrated concepts in the NFL since the entire league trash talks now.
* It's looking more like Taylor will return for Sunday's game after missing most of the first three games with an injury described as both an oblique muscle injury and a hip injury. It's still unclear, however, what role he will play in the offense.
* Aundre Allison, who looked extremely tentative returning kicks last week vs. the Chiefs, is apparently going to remain as the Vikings kick returner for now.
* From the Riverboat Gambler Department comes this: Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter has guaranteed victory Sunday. The Dolphins' opponent? The Raider. Wow! That took guts.

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