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Young players offer hope

Despite the team’s early-season struggles, particularly on offense, it is clear the team has added some quality young playmakers who should eventually become the heart and soul of this team.

Without question, running back Adrian Peterson is a franchise caliber back who is capable of changing field position as fast as anyone in the game.

Wide receiver Sidney Rice also looks like the real deal at wide receiver with all the makings of developing into a go-to guy in the passing game, particularly in the red zone.

On defense, second-year linebacker Chad Greenway looks like he’s going to be an impact player, as well.  He is always around the ball and should only get better and better.

It appears defensive line coach Karl Dunbar has found the motor switch for right end Ray Edwards and it no longer shuts off.  Edwards has been a non-stop bundle of intensity on virtually every play since he reported to training camp this summer.

Brian Robison looks like a fourth-round steal at defensive end.  Marcus McCauley has played a key role from the get-go at cornerback.  Wide receiver/kickoff returner Aundrae Allison has shown flashes.

Free agents Visanthe Shiancoe and Bobby Wade appear to be good pickups and are both still very much in their prime physically.

The jury is still out on Tarvaris Jackson, but the upside remains big.

Most, if not all, of their proven veterans have been locked up to long-term contracts.

Childress remains upbeat

Despite three tough losses in a row heading into their bye week, head coach Brad Childress is still able to find a silver lining in things was mostly upbeat and positive during his weekly press briefing.

Childress is sticking to his guns on a lot of things and is not apologizing for decisions he’s made.

He’s also not going too far with praise or criticism for anyone.  He cites most problems and concerns as being correctable and he’s not throwing anyone under the bus.

Bye week rant

Give Peterson the ball until he gets tired.

Is Childress too loyal to “his” guys sometimes?

No quarterback controversy.  Kelly Holcomb did not light it up so Tarvaris Jackson can be welcomed back after the bye week.

The unity in the locker room is better now than it was a year ago and in most years past.  If these guys don’t turn on each other they’ll get through this and be better as the season wears on.

The officiating has not at all favored the Vikings so far this season, with several key calls going against them once again this week.  The quick whistle on what appeared to be a forced fumble and recovery that might have been returned for a score by Chad Greenway nullified any chance of a review.  The non-call on Bobby Wade resulting in the game-ending interception, not to mention at least three other non-calls for pass interference against the Packers.  There was another non-call of holding on one play in which Chad Clifton essentially gave Ray Edwards a bear hug, pulling him down with both hands around the back of his helmet.

What’s the point of instant replay when they still can’t get it right?

What’s the problem with the Vikings offensive line; is it the players or is it the coaching?

What’s the point of having only 45 players active for each game?  Who benefits from this screwed up system?  Is that a decision made by a league accountant or lawyer?  How does a coach having to play Russian Roulette every week with who he dresses and who he sits help the quality of the game a fan pays good money for?  For better than a $100 for many tickets, shouldn’t fans at least see every healthy, able-to-play player dress for the game?  Can this possibly be a football-driven decision?

Enough with the throwback uniforms, okay?

Randy Moss has 31 catches for 505 yards (16.3 avg.) and 7 touchdowns in four games with the Patriots this season.  That projects to 124 catches for 2,020 yards and 28 touchdowns over 16 games.

Michael Vick tests positive for marijuana while he’s awaiting sentencing for charges related to dog-fighting.  Could he possibly have less common sense?  Really!?!

Extra Points

The Vikings should come out of their bye week in pretty good shape in terms of health.  Nobody has landed on injured reserve since the season started and most injuries should be mostly healed when they take the field next.

Three ex-Vikings who are now with the St. Louis Rams all sustained injuries this past weekend.  OG Adam Goldberg tore his MCL and is out at least a month.  SS Corey Chavous injured his pectoral and is questionable for the upcoming week.  LB Raonall Smith is also questionable with a knee injury.

Speaking of ex-Vikings, CB Fred Smoot is nursing a hamstring injury with the Redskins.  Smooty should get paid for each day he actually practices.

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