Which AP? Chicago's or Minnesota's?

The running back in Chicago named Adrian Peterson and the running back in Minnesota named Adrian Peterson both say they are very different from the other.

The Bears and Vikings both have a running back named Adrian Peterson, but the two aren't very similar.

The Vikings' Adrian Peterson was the seventh overall pick in this year's draft and is third in the NFC with 383 rushing yards, which is first among rookies. The Bears' Adrian Peterson was a sixth-round pick in 2002 and has been rarely used as a runner (153 attempts for 706 yards), despite an exceptional career average of 4.7 yards per carry.

The Bears' A.P., who is also an outstanding coverage man on special teams, says there are plenty of differences.

"People don't confuse us," he said. "I've got the dreads. He's got the fade."

And, as a high first-round pick, the Vikings running back is making a lot more money.

"Yeah," the Bear said, "all that."

The Bears running back was asked who the better Adrian Peterson was, and he replied: "I don't know. He's got probably about 100 more carries than I have. So I would imagine he is."

The Vikings running back said he has heard of the Bears' Adrian Peterson, and he agreed with him that there won't be many cases of mistaken identity if they were put side by side.

"No, I don't think you can mistake us. He has got a head full of dreads. I don't think they can get us mixed up," Minnesota's rookie version said.


Bears QB Brian Griese was asked to compare Bears rookie TE Greg Olsen with Shannon Sharpe, the leading pass catcher among tight ends in NFL history, and a teammate of Griese for three years in Denver.

"Thankfully, Greg is not as much of a talker as Shannon was," Griese said, smiling. "Shannon was never covered. He was always open. He always let you know that. But Greg has some unique abilities; first and foremost, just his size. He's a big guy (6-foot-5, 254 pounds), and he can run and get down the field, (so that) presents some mismatches. With his speed, it's obviously a mismatch against a linebacker or a safety, and with a corner, just his physical size is an advantage for him."

  • RB Cedric Benson got a career-high 27 carries against the Packers, but his 64 yards and 2.4 yards per carry weren't as much production as the team had hoped for.

    "We're not pleased with our yards per carry (3.1 as a team for the season) right now," coach Lovie Smith said. "But I think in time all those things will go up with the commitment to the run, which we have. (The next step is to) take those 27 carries and for us to have about 200 yards."

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